Here are the 18 MAFS stars that have become mothers  

Shawniece Jackson from Married at First Sight
18 Married at First Sight stars are now mothers. Pic credit: Lifetime 

Married at First Sight first aired in 2014, and by its 14th season, there have been over one hundred singles that married a stranger on the hit show. 

Only 12 MAFS couples are still currently married, but others went onto remarry and started families of their own. 

Former MAFS wives from several seasons have now welcomed children and become mothers. 

Some MAFS mothers have been more private about their lives and families after appearing on Married at First Sight.

But others have publicly shared their venture into parenthood with friends and followers. 

Here are MAFS stars that went on to become mothers. 

1. Jamie Otis (Season 1) 

Jamie Otis
Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Otis and MAFS husband Doug Hehner are the longest-standing Married at First Sight couple. 

The pair are still married to this day, and Jamie gave birth to their adorable children; daughter Henley and son Hendrix. 

Before Henley and Hendrix, Jamie and Doug vulnerably shared about losing their first son Jonathan in 2016. Jamie often shows love to Jonathan on social media during his birthday each year. 

2. Cortney Hendrix (Season 1) 

Cortney Hendrix
Pic credit: Lifetime

Cortney Hendrix married Jason Carrion on the very first season of Married at First Sight. 

While Cortney and Jason said yes on Decision Day and remained married for five years, they eventually divorced.

Cortney went on to marry husband Sherm, and the pair welcomed a son in 2021. 

3. Jaclyn Methuen (Season 2) 

Jaclyn Methuen
Pic credit: Lifetime

Jaclyn Methuen was married to Ryan Ranellone on Married at First Sight Season 2, but the pair eventually divorced. 

Jaclyn Methuen moved on to a new relationship and became a mother of two. Jaclyn had a daughter Alaina Rose in November 2019 and has shared loads of photos of her daughter on social media, deeming herself a ‘helicopter mom.’ 

Recently, Jaclyn gave birth to her son Antonia Paul in January 2022. 

4. Davina Kullar (Season 2) 

Davina Kullar
Pic credit: Lifetime

Davina Kullar was married to Sean Varricchio on the second season of Married at First Sight, but the pair chose to divorce after spending very little time with one another throughout the MAFS process. 

Davina went on to become a mother to her son Hudson.

Hudson was born in May 2019. 

5. Jessica Castro (Season 2)

Jessica Castro
Pic credit: Lifetime

Jessica Castro was married to Ryan De Nino, who many MAFS viewers consider one of the worst husbands within the franchise due to his alleged harassment of Jessica both during and after their marriage. 

After their dramatic divorce, Jessica found love with a new man, Sergio.

The couple welcomed their son ‘Little Sergio’ in December 2020. 

6. Ashley Doherty (Season 3) 

Ashley Doherty
Pic credit: Lifetime

Ashley Doherty was married to David Norton on Married at First Sight Season 3.

The pair’s brief marriage ended on Decision Day.

Ashley went on to become a mother to her baby boy Julian Louis Alvarez in April 2021. 

7. Samantha Role (Season 3) 

Samantha Role
Pic credit: Lifetime

Samantha Role was married to Neil Bowlus on Married at First Sight Season 3, but the pair divorced on Decision Day and became one of the few exes to remain friends after going their separate ways. 

Samantha Role went onto remarry and gave birth to her daughter Isabella in September 2018. 

Just this month, Samantha also welcomed twin girls Sienna and Everly. The twins were born on March 3rd, 2022. 

8. Heather Seidel (Season 4) 

Heather Seidel
Pic credit: Lifetime

Heather Seidel had one of the briefest marriages on Married at First Sight.

She and her ex-husband Derek Schwartz went their separate ways before Decision Day arrived, similar to MAFS Season 14 couple Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette. 

Heather went on to become a mother when she gave birth to her son Leo James in September 2020. 

9. Ashley Petta (Season 5) 

Ashley Petta
Pic credit: Lifetime

Ashley Petta is in the second longest-lasting MAFS marriage with her husband, Anthony D’Amico. 

Ashley and Anthony are still married and expanded their family with two little girls.

Ashley has even become a mom influencer as she documents raising daughters Mila Rose and Vaeda Marie. 

10. Shawniece Jackson (Season 6) 

Shawniece Jackson
Pic credit: Lifetime

Shawniece Jackson and MAFS husband Jephte Pierre are still married and have one of the most prominent kids in the MAFS franchise – their adorable daughter Laura. 

Laura often appears with her parents on Married at First Sight Couple’s Cam.

Shawniece gave birth to Laura in August 2018, and Laura will be 4-years-old this year. 

11. Mia Bally (Season 7)

Mia Bally
Pic credit: Lifetime

Mia Bally married Tristan Thompson when Married at First Sight first came to Houston, and after lots of personal and legal drama impacted their marriage, the two eventually divorced.

Since being on Married at First Sight, Mia has lived a more private life as she went on to find love and become a mother of two.

Mia has a young daughter and recently welcomed her second daughter Victoria in 2022.

12. Jaclyn Schwartzberg (Season 6) 

Jaclyn Schwartzberg
Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 6 star Jaclyn Schwartzberg was married to MAFS husband Ryan Buckley.

Jaclyn and Ryan eventually divorced, and Jaclyn later remarried. 

Jaclyn revealed she’s expecting and will welcome a baby girl this June 2022. 

13. Danielle Dodd (Season 7) 

Danielle Dodd
Pic credit: Lifetime

Danielle Dodd is still married to MAFS husband Bobby Dodd, and the pair have two children together. 

Danielle and Bobby welcomed a daughter in 2019 and a son in 2020.

Their kids, Olivia Nicole and Robert Elvin, are only 22 months apart. 

14. Jasmine McGriff (Season 8) 

Jasmine McGriff
Pic credit: Lifetime

Jasmine McGriff’s MAFS marriage to Will Guess didn’t work out, but she’s been thriving since. 

Jasmine found love and gave birth to a sweet baby boy, Jacoby.

While Jasmine introduced her son to the world on Valentine’s Day, he was born in December 2020. 

15. Deonna McNeill (Season 9) 

Deonna McNeill
Pic credit: Lifetime

Deonna McNeill and MAFS husband Greg Okotie are fan favorites within the Married at First Sight franchise. 

The couple is still going strong, and they expanded their family when Deonna gave birth to their son, Declan Okotie.

Declan was born in February 2021 and is now one year old.

16. Jessica Studer (Season 10) 

Jessica Studer
Pic credit: Lifetime

Jessica Studer is still happily married to her MAFS husband, Austin Hurd. 

Austin and Jessica documented their pregnancy journey on Married at First Sight Couple’s Cam.

Jessica gave birth to their son Westin Paul in November 2021. 

17. Katie Conrad (Season 10) 

Katie Eaves
Pic credit: Lifetime

After a tense divorce from MAFS husband Derek Sherman, Katie Conrad remarried and became Katie Eaves. 

Recently, Katie announced that she and her husband were expecting.

Katie is currently pregnant with a baby boy and is expected to give birth in early September. 

18. Amani Randall (Season 11) 

Amani Randall
Pic credit: Lifetime

Amani Randall and MAFS husband Woody Randall are arguably the most beloved couple within the Married at First Sight franchise. 

Amani and Woody thrilled MAFS fans when they announced that they’re expecting earlier this year. 

Amani showed off her pregnant belly in a series of striking photos as she and Woody revealed they were expecting a child in June 2022. 

There have certainly been many exciting life changes for these mothers since they first appeared on Married at First Sight. Time will tell which MAFS star becomes a mother next. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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