Where are David and Ashley from Married at First Sight Season 3 now?

David and Ashley sit on the couch for Decision Day
David and Ashley have contrasting answers on Decision Day Pic credit: Lifetime

On Married at First Sight, some couples understand immediately why they are matched, while others take time to figure it out. There are also some couples who never see why they were paired together and never figure it out, which was the case for David and Ashley. 

David and Ashley simply did not speak the same language. David was bubbly and eager for physical affection, whereas Ashley was more reserved and standoffish. 

The pair stuck it out in the marriage for the entirety of the experiment, however, Ashley, in particular, appeared to check out of the relationship long before Decision Day. 

David and Ashley have different definitions of ‘effort’

Both David and Ashley were particularly nervous on their wedding day and it was difficult for them to feel comfortable with one another. David was very attracted to Ashley but Ashley didn’t feel David was her type. 

Ashley kept David at arm’s length throughout the entirety of the process, appearing to prefer studying and focusing on school more than spending time with her new husband. 

David longed for Ashley to be more vulnerable and receptive to him but that only pushed Ashley further away. She became exhausted by David’s needs and desire to move at a faster pace.

Both felt they were putting in as much effort as they could, but it wasn’t enough for either of them. 

The marriage began to really suffer when David had to learn from an expert and not his wife that Ashley was not attracted to him. Later, Ashley would accuse David of being unfaithful during the process when she heard a rumor about him allegedly flirting with another woman at a social event. 

Ashley believed David was a liar and, during one of their many arguments, she told David she wanted nothing to do with him. She kept true to that statement because on Decision Day, while David said yes and wanted to stay married, Ashley revealed that she wanted a divorce.

The couple quickly divorced and Ashley later claimed that she had gone back and forth on her decision the day of. She also admitted that she was surprised David said yes because she thought they were on the same page about not being compatible.  

Where are David and Ashley now? 

David took another shot at finding love when he starred on Married at First Sight: Second Chances, alongside costar and fellow MAFS Season 3 castmate, Vanessa Nelson. 

While on the spinoff series, David dated a plethora of women from Atlanta, including some women who were already taken, and relished being a sought-after bachelor. However, similar to his time on MAFS, he ended up going home with no one because he had his heart set on a woman, Melika, who broke up with him in the final weeks of the show. 

Throughout the years, David seems to have had a few dating relationships but at this current time, he appears to still be single. His friend group is still extremely important to him and he spends his time having fun with his social circle and attending sporting events. 

As for Ashley, the working nurse has had some major life changes since leaving Married at First Sight. 

Ashley fell deeply in love with a new man that she appears much more comfortable and affectionate with. The cute couple got married and shared photos from their classy wedding.

Later, Ashely announced that she was pregnant and gave birth just a few months ago to her precious baby boy, Julian Louis Alvarez. 

Now, the proud mom enjoys sharing photos of her and her baby and feels it’s an honor and a privilege to be a mother. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime

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