Her Little Secret Boutique: Sky from Black Ink Crew opens up shop in Miami

Sky Days on Black Ink Crew
Sky Days has a lot drama to deal with on Black Ink Crew over her new business venture. Pic credit: VH1

Ceaser Emanuel isn’t excited about Sky Days’ new business venture but Black Ink Crew fans sure are! After heading to Miami for a business trip, viewers saw her pick a location, meaning that Sky’s new boutique in Miami is a reality. So here’s what we know about her store, Her Little Secret in Miami.

As we saw on Black Ink Crew, Sky has been working on a boutique in Miami and if her new store is anything like she is, it’s going to be lit!

On the VH1 series, Sky talked about how the whole thing has been a big secret that she was keeping from Ceaser because he’s a “hater.” Which is part of the joke behind the name of her boutique, Her Little Secret.


Of course, Sky got excited about the whole thing and accidentally gave him a heads up as to what she’s been doing. And that was after she called in sick, leaving the crew in the lurch while she worked on her plans.

For those who may be wondering, Sky Days did end up opening up shop and her Miami boutique is still in business. While the address for the shop isn’t listed on the webpage (we’re guessing that’s part of the secret), we were able to find a listing for Sky’s new boutique.


Her Little Secret is located at 2200 NW 2nd Ave Suite 109, Miami, FL 33127. Of course, shoppers can also order online and have their purchases shipped.

As far as what you can expect to find at the Her Little Secret Boutique, it looks a lot like we’d imagine Sky’s real closet. The boutique stocks many different pieces of clothing, all bold and fashion-forward, just like Sky herself.


There are jumpsuits, dresses, swimsuits and more. There are regular sizes and plus sizes available and the best part is that everything is very affordable.

Her Little Secret Boutique is a huge deal for Sky, who has been excited about the venture for quite some time. She believed in the boutique so much that she put her job with Ceaser at Black Ink on the line and it looks like it was all worth it.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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