Henry Rodriguez links up with MAFS Season 13 stars Jose San Miguel Jr. and Ryan Ignasiak

Henry Rodriguez
Men from Married at First Sight Season 13, 12, and 11 link up for a night out. Pic credit: @hrodrigueziv/Instagram

A MAFS family reunion occurred recently between several divorced men from the franchise. 

Married at First Sight Season 13 star Ryan Ignasiak met up with one of his Texas costars and a MAFS husband from a previous season. 

Ryan spent a night out with MAFS Season 13 star Jose San Miguel Jr. and MAFS Season 11 star Henry Rodriguez. 

The MAFS men also linked up with MAFS Season 12 star Erik Lake who wasn’t present for the photos. 

Ryan shared pics from their night and received mostly positive reactions from his followers. 

However, some of Ryan’s followers had negative comments about his appearance. 

Ryan Ignasiak enjoys night out with MAFS men

Jose San Miguel Jr.and Ryan Ignasiak linked up with Henry Rodriguez at Meril in New Orleans. 

Ryan took to Instagram to share photos from their time together as they posed in front of a neon-lit sign reading “eat, drink, & be meril.” 

Ryan captioned the post, “Successful trip to The Boot.” 

On his Instagram Stories, Ryan shared a photo from the same spot in the venue as the men flashed bigger smiles. 

Ryan Ignasiak's Instagram story
Pic credit: @ryanignacho/Instagram

In the comments of Ryan’s Instagram post, he revealed Erik Lake was also with them, writing, “Not pictured [Erik Lake].” 

Jose replied with reference to Erik’s career as a pilot, “Maybe we have Erik get us in the PJ as insurance in having him present at our next outing.” 

A commenter also expressed, “Glad y’all made it out alive , NOLA gettin’ rough.” 

Ryan Ignasiak's comments
Pic credit: @ryanignacho/Instagram

Ryan reacts to followers ‘raggedy’ comment 

In the comments, Ryan caught some flack for his appearance, with a commenter writing, “What happened to Ryan?! He’s looking quite raggedy!” 

Commenters replied with their thoughts, with one commenter writing, “it’s called 100 [degree] heat and humidity,” and another writing, “meanwhile I was thinking to myself that longer hair looks so good on him.” 

Ryan also reacted to the comment with a tinge of sarcasm as he wrote, “appreciate your concern.”

Ryan Ignasiak's comments
Pic credit: @ryanignacho/Instagram

Ryan was married to Brett Layton on Married at First Sight Season 13 and divorced on Decision Day. 

Jose was married to Rachel Gordillo on MAFS Season 13, and the pair agreed to stay married on Decision Day but ultimately divorced. 

Henry Rodriguez married Christina Ann on the New Orleans season of Married at First Sight and struggled to find any chemistry from the start. Henry and Christina divorced on Decision Day. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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