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Ryan Ignasiak reacts after receiving backlash for connection with Alyssa Ellman

Ryan Ignasiak
Ryan Ignasiak and Alyssa Ellman link up on Where Are They Now Special. Pic credit: @ryanignacho/Instagram

During the recent Where Are They Now special, Ryan Ignasiak returned to the Married at First Sight franchise. 

Ryan’s return featured a flirty bowling outing with Boston cast member Alyssa Ellman. 

Alyssa Ellman received lots of backlash from viewers during her brief time on Married at First Sight, and now Ryan is receiving backlash for his latest MAFS appearance as well. 

Ryan Ignasiak gets flirty with Alyssa Ellman 

Married at First Sight’s official Instagram page shared a clip from the Where Are They Now special that featured Ryan and Alyssa going bowling. 

Alyssa admitted she’s been ‘trying to get away from it all’ since her season of MAFS wrapped, and the two bantered about Alyssa’s tears and Ryan’s boots. Alyssa appeared much more receptive to Ryan than her ex-husband Chris Collette, as she admitted Ryan was more her type. 

Alyssa shared, “I think he’s just as cute in person as he was on FaceTime. Plus, he’s a cowboy, and we all know how I feel about that.”

Ryan Ignasiak reacts to backlash

MAFS viewers took to the post’s comments to react, and Ryan also shared his responses in the comment section. 

Many comments beckoned Ryan to run far away from Alyssa as she was deemed highly problematic. 

Some commenters were split between thinking Ryan deserved better and thinking Ryan and Alyssa deserved each other after the way they treated their former MAFS spouses. 

One comment read, “She’s not a good person. You deserve better, Ryan.” 

Another wrote, “you both deserve each other after the way you treated your spouses,” with three thumbs down emojis.

Ryan replied to the comment, writing, “with honesty? Noted.” 

It appears Ryan believes that he and Alyssa behaved honestly with their MAFS exes and not cruelly towards their spouses as was portrayed on the show.

Married at First Sight comment section
Pic credit @mafslifetime/Instagram

Ryan also expressed appreciation for a commenter who wrote, “[Ryan Ignasiak] deserves the best! 100% authentic gentleman.”

Another commenter accused Ryan of just wanting to prolong his time in the spotlight after appearing on Married at First Sight Season 13. Their comment read, “Apparently you want to extend your 15 minutes of fame or else you really suck at picking [women]. I guess both.”

Ryan replied seemingly sarcastically, writing, “Appreciate your input, thanks.” 

Married at First Sight comment section
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

While Ryan and Alyssa appeared to hit it off while bowling and have lots in common, their spark was short-lived. Alyssa confronted Ryan during the Where Are They Now special and expressed feeling betrayed after finding out Ryan was also engaging with her rival costar Lindsey Georgoulis.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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