Has Below Deck found Kate Chastain’s replacement in Fraser Olender? Here’s what fans think

Kate Chastain and Fraser Olender on WWHL
Fraser has once again made Below Deck history. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck has struggled to find someone to replace fan favorite Kate Chastain since she left after Season 7.

There’s no question that no one can fill Kate’s shoes because there’s simply no one like her.

However, Fraser Olender may have just filled the void after years of searching for a new chief stew on the OG show.

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On Season 10 of Below Deck, Fraser made history as the first-ever male chief stew in the yachting franchise history.

Now it seems Fraser has done it again, making Below Deck history on Season 11 as well.

Fraser’s the only chief stew aside from Kate to do more than one season of Below Deck, making some people wonder if the show has found its new face.

Has Below Deck found Kate Chastain’s replacement in Fraser Olender?

Francesca Rubi was the first chief stew after Kate on Season 8 of Below Deck. Despite Captain Lee Rosbach being a fan, Francesca wasn’t asked back for a second stint.

Heather Chase stepped into the role during Season 9 but was plagued with controversy after she said a racial slur in front of deckhand Rayna Lindsey. It was no surprise when she didn’t return for Season 10.

Although Fraser struggled during his first season as chief stew, Below Deck viewers can’t get enough of him muttering under his breath. Fraser has the best one-liners when he thinks no one is listening and is a reminder of the sass and wit that’s been missing since Kate left.

All signs point to Below Deck finally finding a chief stew that will make Below Deck fans miss Kate a little less. Fraser loves doing the show and has no plans to leave, boding even better for him as Kate’s replacement.

Below Deck fans stand by Fraser Oldener as Kate Chastain’s replacement

X (formerly Twitter) was a hotbed for Below Deck fans talking about the show after the Season 11 premiere. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, who gets fired first has been all the buzz on the social media platform.

Fraser filling Kate’s shoes was also discussed, and most people are here for it.

“I’m actually loving Fraser as our new chief stew on Below Deck. No one can replace our OG Kate but I’m really enjoying watching Fraser,” read one X comment.

Another expressed excitement for watching Fraser and Captain Kerry Titheradge, even suggesting they are the new dream team once held by Captain Lee and Kate.

Fraser and Kate comments
Below Deck fans are excited. Pic credit: Pic credit: @Luhhrees/@ezirbs/X

“Fraser is giving Kate vibes as Chief Stew. He is a professional hard worker but has his quick wit no bullshit we love to see! Dont think any other chief stew has ever elevated to Kate’s level until now!” said an X comment.

A different one even called him the male version of Kate while touting just how good Fraser is for reality television.

More Fraser and Kate comparison comments
Is Fraser the new Kate? Pic credit: @1974AHSlouie/@BravobyKate/X

Not everyone is completely sold on Fraser being up to Kate’s standards, but at least one X user hopes Fraser will prove them wrong this season.

Season 11 of Below Deck has a new vibe, thanks to Fraser and Captain Kerry. Only one episode has aired, so here’s hoping that feeling stays while the rest of the season plays out.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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3 days ago

I think Fraser is nice. Maybe too nice for reality TV. Honestly he is boring to watch which I hate because I really do like him. No one will ever replace Kate. What made “Kate” Kate was her witty, hilarious sarcasm. She makes you laugh and viewers love that. I looked forward to seeing her every season until she started bullying Caroline (who admittedly was quirky and had issues) It just didn’t sit well with me. Kate got to mean girl.