Hannah Brown fans are freaking out after The Bachelorette star debuts ‘no eyebrow’ look

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown looks picture-perfect here. Pic credit: ©

Hannah Brown has made her mark on Bachelor Nation as one of the most beautiful women to make their way from The Bachelor contestant to The Bachelorette star.

But now, Hannah has her fans wondering what is going on and begging her to “put them back” after a recent TikTok video where Hannah showed everyone what she would look like sans eyebrows and it’s straight-up alien.

It’s no doubt that Hannah’s fans love her and they are quick to tell her when a particular look just isn’t for her. Check out Hannah’s latest look and what Bachelor Nation had to say about it.

Hannah Brown… without eyebrows?!

Hannah Brown recently set the comments section on fire when she shared a new video to her TikTok showing off a drastically different look.

She is shown in the video, which she also shared to Instagram, dancing, mouthing the lyrics to the song playing, and posing in a colorful workout outfit, and Sherpa fleeced jacket… without any eyebrows.

She starts the video with her hand covering her forehead. But, once removing her hand, viewers see a very different Hannah than we’re used to. A Hannah Brown without those plush, thick eyebrows.

Bachelor Nation reacts to Hannah Brown’s ‘new look’

Fans weighed in on their thoughts through the Instagram comments. One comment said, “You still look pretty.” Others wanted the eyebrows back and were a bit taken back with the post and video.

Instagram comments
Fans comment on Hannah Brown dancing with no eyebrows. Pic credit: @hannahbrownupdates/Instagram

Hannah Brown made her mark on Bachelor Nation

Hannah Brown, a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, first made herself known as a pageant queen and stood out to viewers and caught Colton’s eye from the start.

Hannah went on to become The Bachelorette, where she struggled with her decision between Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron as her final winner, and eventually, after being torn in her heart and mind, chose Jed Wyatt for her final rose.

She was heartbroken when the news came out about Jed Wyatt having a girlfriend and only being on the show to further his music career, Hannah then talked with Tyler Cameron, wanting a second chance with him.

As Hannah has been through a lot in the Bachelor Nation spotlight, one thing has remained constant: she stays true to herself and isn’t afraid to put herself out there. She even recently opened up with her ADHD diagnosis and made fun of herself and her morning routine in another fun video.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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