Hannah Ann caught cuddling Joshua Dobbs before The Bachelor finale [Spoilers]

Hannah Ann
Hannah Ann was spotted getting cozy with another man this weekend. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Ann is one of the two final women left on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

As it stands right now on the show, Hannah is excited about the possibility of getting engaged to Peter, as she knows she’s competing against Madison.

And while Peter has continuously said that his season of The Bachelor is unable to be spoiled, it appears that Hannah just did it.

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This week, she was out with an NFL player, and the two appeared to get quite cozy with one another.

Hannah Ann spotted cuddling with Joshua Dobbs

Thanks to Reddit, the photo is out for everyone to see.

In the photo, the man has his arms around Hannah as they are hanging out at what appears to be a bar or a pool hall.

F2 being cozy from thebachelor

If that isn’t enough, the two are following one another on Instagram.

The man in question is Joshua Dobbs, the current backup quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He previously played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He started his NFL career in 2017.

He played college football for the Tennessee Volunteers.

Hannah Ann may just have spoiled the ending of The Bachelor

Reality Steve also shared his take on her outing with Dobbs, revealing that Hannah wasn’t hiding the fact that they were out together.

“Now, these are unconfirmed reports, but I kept hearing all night on Saturday that people said they were all over each other and making out. Like I said, unconfirmed reports and anyone can say that without providing any proof. Nobody ever did,” he writes on his website.

Steve then explains that he can’t imagine that Hannah would be so stupid to ruin the finale just days before it is set to air.

He concludes that it would be hard to believe that Hannah is with Peter given the photo says something else.

Reality Steve has already revealed that he believes Madison will be the last woman standing, even though Peter will have to win her over. This is why his ending remains unspoiled for now — fans don’t know whether Madison can forgive him for sleeping with Hannah Ann and Victoria.

Victoria Fuller was sent home during this week’s episode. After her elimination, she thanked Peter on Instagram for being there for her and not judging her despite allegations that she broke up four marriages.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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