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Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive: Pepa loses it when she catches Sam and Egypt in her kitchen

Pepa on Growing Up Hip Hop
Pepa was not happy when she walked in on Egypt and Sammattick in the kitchen. Pic credit: WEtv

Growing Up Hip Hop is back for a brand new season with Pepa, her daughter Egypt, and Egypt’s fiance Sam.

The drama is already brewing as the season gets ready to premiere in this exclusive sneak peek where Sam is filming a scene for OnlyFans in the kitchen. The problem is, it’s not his kitchen, and in the process of filming a very risque-looking scene, people start showing up at the house.

That doesn’t seem to phase Sam, though, as he continues to cook while wearing very little clothing. Surely that will make his OnlyFans subscribers happy, but what about his future mother-in-law?

Sam reveals how much he’s been making on OnlyFans

It turns out that Sammattick has big plans for his OnlyFans account. With the coronavirus pandemic causing many careers to slow down or even come to a halt, making content for OnlyFans has exploded. Both men and women have signed up for the platform to make money by sharing exclusive content, often X-rated, with their subscribers.

Egypt’s fiance Sam is among those who are bringing in a monthly income via the paid-content site, and it looks like he’s already off to a good start. While he explained his goal to get to 10,000 subscribers to Boogie Dash, it turns out that Sam is still working on building up to that number.

For now, or at least at the point when this was filmed, he revealed that he was bringing in around $3,500 a month via OnlyFans, which would mean that he already has amassed more than 200 subscribers at $15 per month.

That’s not enough for Boogie to show off his goodies to his fans but to each their own, right?

Pepa is not pleased

While it was revealed that Pepa is supportive of Sam’s attempt to bring in more income, she is clearly not okay with Sam filming his content in her kitchen.

She walked in on Sam, Boogie, and Egypt in the kitchen while Sam was very scantily clad in just shorts and a pair of sunglasses on his head. When Pepa learned that they were filming OnlyFans content in her kitchen, she responded, “Wait.a minute, Y’all not doing that OnlyFans up in my kitchen though, right?”

“Don’t be doing all of that in my kitchen. No OnlyFans in my kitchen,” she ranted despite Sam’s promises that he wasn’t up on the countertops.

While Pepa is supportive of this business venture, she certainly does have some boundaries that Sam better not cross.

Check out the Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive sneak peek below, and be sure to tune in for the premiere tonight to see how it all played out.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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