Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive: Briana opens up to the group as Boogie’s concerns continue to grow over her drinking

Briana Latrise tells the group she’s not changing on the latest episode of Growing Up Hip Hop Pic credit: WEtv

If there’s anyone’s bad side that you don’t want to get on, it’s Briana Latrise. This season on Growing Up Hip Hop we’ve seen Briana’s anger get the best of her in conversations with Damon “Boogie” Dash regarding his loyalty.

In this Growing Up Hip Hop exclusive sneak peek, Briana decides to bring together those she’s had misunderstandings with and opens up about her painful past.

Briana opens up to the group about her painful past

Hosting a dinner party, Briana reveals where the hostility comes from. “I’m not a bad person,” she says as she addresses the group. “I got a smart a** mouth.”

“Because I come from situations the average person does not come from,” she continued.

Addressing past traumas such as getting kidnapped and stabbed, “you get poked a couple times and you start looking at s**t different.”

While Briana was vulnerable with her explanation, to the group’s surprise, she ended the speech making sure everyone knew exactly how she felt, “I want to set the record straight, kiss my m***********g a**, I’m working on my s**t but I’m not gon change.”

It’s clear this part of the speech wasn’t received well. “We love you Bree, don’t worry,” Boogie tells her sarcastically from the audience.

Laughing, Briana responds, “Boogie, I’ll throw this f*****g drink at you right now.”

Boogie’s concern continues to grow for Briana

Boogie’s concerns are only continuing to grow for his friend. As someone who has gone to rehab and struggled with substance abuse, he’s recognizing those same traits in Briana.

“When people know you drink a lot, you should articulate how you feel sober,” Boogie tells producers in a confessional.

Referring to the drink in Briana’s hand during her speech, he continued, “So people could be like, yeah I understand and respect that you said that sober because people say anything drunk.”

Boogie and Briana have definitely had their issues this season, more recently with him not standing up for her when Sam and Egypt dragged her name through the mud.

Will this dinner party end with a happy ending or a scream fest?

Make sure to check out the exclusive sneak peek below and tune in tomorrow to see how this will all play out.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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