Genesis on Black Ink Crew: What happened when Sky’s son came back?

Genesis, Sky's son on Black Ink Crew
When Genesis showed up on Black Ink Crew, Sky didn’t know what to think at first. Pic credit: VH1

If you’ve been paying attention to the last few seasons of Black Ink Crew, then you know Sky has two sons that she gave up for adoption when they were young.

Her relationship with her youngest son has been going great but Genesis, Sky’s oldest son, wasn’t so quick to forgive their mother and that has led to a lot of drama in the past.

Des came back this week, explaining that the Army kicked him out because he didn’t pass their physical exam. He briefly explained that he had a “skin condition” that basically was just “dry skin” but that was enough to disqualify him, sending Sky’s son right back to her.

It was after Des got to New York that he reached out to his brother Genesis, Sky’s oldest son, who was doing a show there as he worked on his up and coming rap career. Des organized a meetup between Sky and Genesis where he was able to apologize to his mom during a tearful scene.

What we saw on Black Ink Crew tonight matches up with a photo Sky shared on Instagram back in August from when the scene was filmed. There was quite a bit of buzz when Sky shared a snap from inside the Black Ink shop with both of her sons, Genesis and Des. Now we know this is when they finally put the past behind them.

Here’s the clip where Genesis surprises Sky and then tells her that he was ready to let things go. Genesis explained that he needed to “become a man” first, leaving Sky to question if this was really even happening.

The drama between Sky and her oldest son hit it’s peak during the previous season of Black Ink Crew. That was the last time they met face-to-face and they ended up getting in an argument, with Genesis walking out.

Ceaser even tried to intervene, hoping to talk some sense into Genesis and help him bond with his mother. That’s when Genesis made it clear that hated his mother, questioning how it could possibly take her so long to get her life together.

Feeling defeated, Ceaser was forced to tell Sky that she didn’t think Genesis was going to come around anytime soon but within a matter of months, it looks like Genesis had a change of heart.

For Sky’s sake, let’s hope they really are able to get past their past and bond the way Sky has bonded with Des. It has been Sky’s dream to connect with both of her sons and it was a really sweet moment for her.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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