Garrett Yrigoyen speaks out about his split from Becca Kufrin: ‘I ended it in my heart and mind’

Garrett Yrigoyen
Garrett Yrigoyen breaks his silence about his split from Becca Kufrin. Pic credit: ABC

Garrett Yrigoyen spoke out about his split from The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin last week.

The Bachelorette couple, who got engaged on the finale back in 2018, split sometime in 2020.

While fans kept asking Becca about her relationship, she would skirt around the issue and avoided giving a relationship update throughout the summer of last year.

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But in September, Becca finally confirmed that the two of them had split up and they would not be pursuing a future together.

The relationship was over. But it was only Becca who spoke out about the split.

Garrett Yrigoyen speaks out for the first time since his September split

Garrett decided it was time to share his thoughts about the split last week. He shared his thoughts on his Instagram Stories after revealing in a Q&A session that he often got questions about his breakup with Becca.

Despite having moved on with his life, he decided to share his side of the story. According to Us Weekly, Garrett admitted he knew that his social media following was primarily from The Bachelorette franchise.

“I know most of my supporters are viewers of the show and are the main base of my platform. I understand everyone wanting to know what exactly happened because you feel so invested into our lives and relationships. I truly don’t want to be known for the show. It’s not what defines me or my character,” Garrett revealed.

He continued to explain that the relationship simply didn’t work out. He didn’t want to get into details but admitted that he understood that fans were invested in their relationship because of The Bachelorette.

In a separate question, Garrett provided his thoughts on how to move on from a breakup, revealing that he struggled for a few months with the split. For this answer, he shared a written response.

“I ended it in my heart and mind. Once I weighed every outcome, solution, what-ifs, talked it out, practicality, etc. It’s completely done for me and no going back. Life is too short to dwindle. There’s amazing people out there and if you pour everything into one and it doesn’t work, then it wasn’t meant to be,” he explained.

Garrett didn’t provide a timeline for the split.

Garrett Yrigoyen quickly moved on with someone new

Just a few months after Becca confirmed the split, Garrett revealed he had started seeing someone new. He identified her as Alex Farrar on Instagram.

The two went public on Halloween, just one day shy of two months since Becca announced their split. On his Instagram, Garrett has gushed about how happy Alex makes him.

They ended up spending Thanksgiving together and later, in December, they shared their Christmas photos on social media. It was clear by his Instagram activity that he was very happy in his new relationship as 2020 came to an end.

On the other hand, Becca was being vocal about her split from Garrett on her podcast. Becca revealed she almost broke in 2020 because of her split with Garrett but vowed she would get through the year as a stronger person.

Fans believed that she and Blake Horstmann were flirting online in early January, but the rumors never blossomed into more.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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