Garrett Yrigoyen left wife after six months: Would he give up on Bachelorette Becca too?

Garrett Yrigoyen
Garrett Yrigoyen gave up on his first marriage after six months. Will he also give up on Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin?

Garrett Yrigoyen didn’t give off the best first impression when he was announced as a contestant on The Bachelorette.

Within hours, reports surfaced that he had liked various social media posts that were offensive and discriminatory towards immigrants and transgendered people. However, it sounds like things aren’t over for Garrett.

This morning, Life & Style magazine revealed that this Bachelorette contestant walked out on his wife.

A few years ago, Garrett Yrigoyen got married to a woman named Kayla Cunningham — but then reportedly began acting cold and decided he wanted out of the marriage after just six months, and walked away without giving it a chance.

A friend of Kayla’s tells the magazine that she had no idea that he was thinking about leaving. His divorce was finalized in March 2016.

A week after leaving his wife, he reportedly came back asking half of everything they had together. Apparently, the argument went to court where Kayla was forced to give Garrett some money.

So, why is this story coming out now? It sounds like Kayla’s friend wants to warn Becca Kufrin about Garrett, so he doesn’t do the same thing to her.

“I want Becca to know the truth about Garrett. He’s a nice guy at first, but she needs to watch out,” the friend told Life & Style. “Why did he marry her [Kayla] and have her family spend thousands of dollars on the wedding, and then all of a sudden say, ‘I just can’t do this anymore?'”

As for Garrett, he hasn’t said anything about the current situation and appears to be keeping away from the spotlight.

What do you think about Garrett Yrigoyen’s past? Do you think it was fair of him to take his wife of six months to court because he wanted half of everything they had together?

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