Garcelle Beauvais is ‘remaining classy’ amid drama with RHOBH newbie Diana Jenkins

Garcelle Beauvais
Garcelle Beauvais is rising above the drama with newbie Diana Jenkins. Pic credit: ©

Diana Jenkins might be the newest housewife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she seems to be at the center of most of the drama this season. She has managed to feud with more than half of the cast, and the season isn’t even halfway over.

One person she has managed to provoke is Garcelle Beauvais. Now in her third season, Garcelle has managed to learn her way around this dynamic group of ladies but cannot see eye to eye with Diana.

But it looks like Garcelle is ending this feud simply by removing herself from the equation.

Garcelle Beauvais chooses to remain ‘classy’

Garcelle, who quickly became beloved by fans in her first season, took to social media to separate herself from any drama with Diana, who seemed to be gunning for Garcelle the past few episodes.

She shared to her Instagram Stories on Thursday a post from The Feminine Journey, which read, “Remaining classy and removing yourself from situations that might take you out of character, is a superpower!”

Without saying as much, Garcelle seems to be choosing to move on from any drama and steer clear of messiness with the ladies for her own wellbeing.

Garcelle was a guest in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse last week on Watch What Happens Live, and she was asked about Diana’s recent Instagram faux pas, and Garcelle’s immediate reaction was, “She’s uneducated.”

Diana previously called Garcelle the most ‘unwelcoming’ member of the cast

During a recent confessional, Diana said that Garcelle was the most unwelcoming towards her as she became a part of the group, also saying that she was having a difficult time trying to befriend Garcelle.

It looks like the gloves came off once Diana caught wind of Garcelle calling her uneducated. Diana released a firestorm on social media directed at Garcelle, defending her actions by listing all of her philanthropic contributions to Haiti, Garcelle’s home country.

Diana included in her response, “Dear Garcelle, Next time you go on national television why don’t you educate viewers on how many times I went to Haiti. Your home country.” She continued, “Why don’t you tell viewers how many millions of my dollars I have given to your country. A woman from Bosnia did that.”

Diana was not done yet, directing her words to Garcelle, “Also you could have mentioned all the money i [sic] have given and everything I have done for woman [sic] rights in Congo and other 100% black communities.”

Diana clearly felt that her charitable work in communities close to Garcelle would have garnered her respect. Garcelle chose not to respond and decided to only remove herself from the drama.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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