Fans call for RHOBH newbie Diana Jenkins’ firing after racial comments

diana jenkins
Diana Jenkins Season 12 RHOBH. Pic credit: Bravo

Fans of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are calling for the latest addition to the cast, philanthropist Diana Jenkins, to be fired. The anger comes after Diana’s racial comment set off a whirlwind of comments and disapproving messages.

The social media drama has taken place over the past few days and things are heating up at the moment.

It all started when a Bravo fan account reposted a picture of Diana from years ago, next to a recent photo. The post alluded to Diana’s cosmetic surgeries because she looked starkly different.

Diana did not appreciate the post and made an appearance in the comments. However, when Diana brought the blogger’s skin color up, things took a turn. Now, fans are calling for her firing and demanding answers. 

Fans want Diana Jenkins fired after she mentioned race in a comment

Diana Jenkins’ racial comment in a clap back to a critic is causing many fans to call for her termination from Bravo. Fans could not understand why Diana referenced the race of the reality TV show blogger, who commented on Diana’s appearance.

Many fans posted comments tagging Bravo, Andy Cohen, and Diana’s POC costars, hoping to receive acknowledgement for the inappropriate nature of the philanthropist’s comments.

diana fire comment
Pic credit: @philly.diva/Instagram

Another commenter bid Diana a farewell and wrote, “@sdjneuro please drop your diamond and exit left, do us all a favor ?.”

One commenter opined, “@sdjneuro@bravotv @bravoandyy’all need to fire her what does black have to do with this? Why?”

A commenter said, “@philly.diva she needs to give her ? back and rot. Sending you love and support.”

Diana Jenkins comments on a social media post about her changing looks

The newest addition to RHOBH commented on a post that compared her face two decades ago to her face now. A Bravo blogger posted two photos of Diana Jenkins, from years apart, and wondered what kind of procedures she had done to look so different. 

Diana did not appreciate the reports and left some choice words for the blogger. Then, Diana left another comment mentioning race, which led commenters to drag her and call for her firing.

For some reason, Diana commented, “It can’t feel good being a Black content creator.” 

Pic credit: @philly.diva/Instagram

The black content creator, Philly Diva, was reposting a picture from another user on Twitter, but Diana took issue with the messenger.

As for Diana, she is alleging that the comment was a lost in translation moment, and that she just called the blogger the name that Instagram categorized her as. She thought Black meant snarky, and she said she woke up to costar, Crystal Kung Minkoff, “screaming” at her and demanding answers.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Susan K
Susan K
2 years ago

Cannot STAND Diana and her phony comments. She came to London, even scrubbing toilets to survive, but now doesn’t know what stores or outlets are? Did she scrub toilets nude?

2 years ago

She’s just out of touch with the real real housewives and we can certainly do without Diana Jenkins on the rhobh