Diana Jenkins made a racial comment on Instagram, and fans are angry

Diana Jenkins
Diana Jenkins made a shocking comment on Instagram yesterday. Pic credit: ©

A scandal on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is brewing, this time with Diana Jenkins.

The newest addition to RHOBH commented on a post that compared her face two decades ago to her face now.

A Bravo blogger shared a picture from another user of Diana twenty years ago and on a confessional of Season 12. The side-by-side comparisons drew a lot of plastic surgery comments, with fans surprised at her transformation

Diana did not appreciate the post and left some choice words for the blogger. Then, Diana left another comment that mentioned race, leading commenters to drag her.

Diana Jenkins posts a racial comment on Instagram 

A Bravo fan account posted a side-by-side photo of Diana Jenkins and shared that the newest housewife looked drastically different.

The account, Philly Diva, wrote in the caption, “Uuhhhh I guess the first @sdjneuro was the one that shopped in stores and the 2nd is allergic to dust and doesn’t know what an outlet is ??#RHOBH #bravotv #PhillyDoesBravo #phillydiva #phillydivadoesbravo.”

Diana did not appreciate the insinuation and commented on Philly Diva’s post.

diana comment
Diana’s explanation of difference. Pic credit: @philly.diva/Instagram

Diana wrote, “That picture was actually taken At UCLA law school talking about war crimes in my country and setting up human rights clinic that I financed Before war criminals were brought to justice. I was probably 20 or 30 Pounds skinnier and having glam was last thing on my mind . Also looks like picture is manipulated . But shame on you !!!! You and your bull**** shopping!!!”

Diana added another comment, and things got ugly.

Diana commented, “It can’t feel good being a Black content creator.”

diana comments
Pic credit: @philly.diva/Instagram

One fan responded, “Who has clumsy words now?”

Fans were shocked at Diana’s comment and wondered why she brought race into the comment. Comments also tagged castmate Garcelle Beauvais, the Instagram account for Bravo, and Andy Cohen.

Derogatory comments have been a theme on this year’s RHOBH. Kathy reportedly made a homophobic slur to Sutton’s assistant Josh, something Sutton denied. Crystal Kung Minkoff alluded to Sutton making “dark” comments that she would not repeat, leading to the entire storyline so far on RHOBH. Now Diana’s latest comment makes the third scandal this season.

Fans drag Diana Jenkins for her comment

As expected, Diana got dragged in the comments section, referencing those pesky madame rumors and more.

Diana called Sutton clumsy with her words this season, and fans reminded her of this.

diana jenkins
Pic credit: @philly.diva/Instagram

One commenter wrote, “@sdjneuro WTF?!? And you say Sutton is clumsy with words. This is so bad,” and another commented, “she needs to be fired.” A Bravo fan wrote, “this is ridiculous.”

Another commenter said, “@sdjneuro Shame on you for your r@cist comment. You are nasty and unliked by viewers. Bye, Madame.”

diana comment
Pic credit: @philly.diva/Instagram

One comment tagged Elton John, “@sdjneuro Your friend @eltonjohn know how racist you are?”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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