Gabby Windey gives an update on joining Bachelor in Paradise and who she’d want to date

Gabby Windey
Gabby Windey dishes on her dating life and joining Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @gabby.windey/Instagram

The beaches of Mexico may just get a little more wind(e)y this summer.

Gabby Windey, who left her mark on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette last year, recently admitted that a possible return to the franchise might be on the horizon.

While Gabby previously got engaged to her season’s winner on The Bachelorette, Erich Schwer, the two announced their split toward the end of her run on Dancing with the Stars.

During Kaitlyn Bristowe’s most recept Off the Vine podcast episode, Gabby revealed that she is open to potentially signing on to join the Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 cast.

Rachel Recchia, Gabby’s best friend and fellow lead of The Bachelorette Season 19, is also open for the gig — which would make it an epic return for the duo.

“I do think it would be just so fun,” Gabby said on joining Paradise. “Ultimately, I’m just down for a good time and to have a story to tell at the end of the day; that is always my motivation. Never say never, for sure.”

She explained that if everything aligned and she was “feelin’ it,” she would agree to do it, but just “for herself.”

Gabby Windey dishes on joining Bachelor in Paradise

While Gabby is open to the idea of appearing on the Bachelor spin-off in the future, there is one thing she vowed she wouldn’t do again: get engaged.

“After having gone through the process first, you realize how much pressure it puts on your relationship, and you think you know somebody and you really don’t,” she said on getting engaged at the end of The Bachelorette.

Although Gabby said she would love the “gossipy” atmosphere on the show, there is one person she would be interested in getting to know if he appeared on Bachelor in Paradise — Tyler Cameron.

However, both Kaitlyn and Gabby confirmed that Tyler would never go on the spin-off, although it’s no surprise that an appearance from the Bachelor Nation fan-favorite from Hannah Brown’s season would send ratings through the roof.

Gabby was also asked if she would be interested in dating Jason Alabaster, her season’s runner-up, if he were to join BIP this year. While Gabby believed he would never agree to go on the show, she also said that she would not be interested in “going backward” and dating someone from her past.

The former leading lady also admitted she would be the Bachelorette again if the opportunity arose.

“I would be the Bachelorette again and again and again if I didn’t have to watch it back on TV,” she said.

Gabby Windey’s current dating life after leading The Bachelorette

Gabby has had a slew of rumors going around about her dating life since her breakup with Erich last fall.

While many fans saw her flirting online with Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino, who was also a fellow contestant of hers on DWTS Season 31, Gabby clarified that the two are simply, well, “flirty” friends.

After her stint on the Dancing with the Stars Live tour ended in March, Gabby was also spotted out on a “first date” with professional dancer Alan Bersten, which Gabby said was simply two friends having dinner.

Kaitlyn also jumped in to clarify that Alan is friendly and “touchy” in nature, so that’s why it may have seemed like the dinner may have appeared as something more.

And, as for her dating life in general, Gabby said she is on the dating app Raya, which she first got approved for when she was a Denver Broncos cheerleader.

While nothing serious has come out of it yet, Gabby has been enjoying talking to people on the app, admitting she loves the idea of a long-distance relationship.

Dating is definitely taking a back seat in Gabby’s world for now, though, as there is one thing she has focused all her time on since moving to Los Angeles last month — furnishing her new place.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, June 26, at 9/8c on ABC.

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