Bachelor Nation alums understand why Gabby Windey seemed blindsided by Jason Alabaster

Jason Alabaster
Two Bachelor Nation alums side with Gabby Windey. Pic credit: ABC

During overnight dates, Gabby Windey was blindsided by one of her final men, Jason Alabaster.

She was so excited to experience another one-on-one date with Jason, grow closer to him, and spend some time in the fantasy suite with no cameras around.

However, as she revealed to the cameras that she was falling for Jason and hoping he felt the same about her, Jason dropped a bomb on Gabby.

Jason let Gabby know that he wasn’t sure if he could get there with her in this short amount of time, and he knew there was no way that he could propose in the end.

While Gabby looked at him, stunned, other Bachelor Nation alums felt for her and knew why she felt the way she did with Jason’s revelation.

Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young defended Gabby and stated that Jason knew the whole time what he was getting into and didn’t go about it the right way.

Bachelor Nation alums back Gabby Windey after Jason Alabaster’s revelation

During their podcast, the Bachelor Happy Hour co-hosts Michelle and Becca discussed how Jason acted toward Gabby when telling her that he was not ready for a proposal or marriage.

Michelle could understand if someone wasn’t quite ready to take that giant step at the end of this journey; however, she also claimed it was all about how it’s said to the other person.

She didn’t feel like Jason took the right approach, as she relayed that this was the first time Jason ever brought this up to Gabby. This, in turn, seemed like a blindside to Gabby at the moment, and rightfully so, according to Michelle.

Becca Kufrin felt like Jason Alabaster didn’t even like Gabby Windey that much

Becca brought up the fact that she wasn’t even sure by the way Jason acted that he even liked Gabby that much, let alone was ready for marriage.

She also reiterated the fact of how hesitant Jason seemed when it came to continuing a relationship with Gabby, as Michelle also pointed out.

Michelle went on to say that Jason had said he wanted to get to know Gabby more outside of the show and then, if it gets serious, see where it goes.

The co-hosts were both astonished that he said those words because by this point in time with the show, it should already be really serious.

Along with this talk about Jason, the women had previously talked about Tino Franco and Rachel Recchia’s relationship on their podcast. Both co-hosts don’t have a great feeling about Tino and claimed there were red flags with him and his behavior.

As the season finale is quickly approaching, Bachelor Nation is anxious to see who each woman ends up with at the end of their journeys and if they are still together today.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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