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Francesca Farago’s comments on Clare Crawley have fans questioning her relationship with Dale Moss

Dale and Clare
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are celebrating their engagement, but Francesca Farago has something to say. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley has been over the moon since she got the man she wanted on the show.

When she met Dale Moss, she told viewers that she believed that she had just met her future husband.

Because of this comment, fans believed that the two had talked prior to the show, but they deny having a connection.

And while the majority of Bachelor Nation is thrilled for them as they are still going strong, the couple does have some doubters.

When Clare recently shared a photo of herself and Dale, model and “Too Hot to Handle” star Francesca Farago weighed in with a mysterious comment.

Clare Crawley is happy but Francesca Farago chimes in with a rude comment

The entire exchange was caught by @commentsbybachelor on Instagram. Francesca’s comment was vague to the point where fans don’t really know how to interpret it.

Clare shared a photo along with the caption, “I knew it” with a heart emoji.


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A post shared by @commentsbybachelor

“I knew it too and it didn’t turn out well for me so I’m praying for her!!” Francesca added on Clare’s photo.

Fans were confused by the comment, and some thought that Francesca was referring to some previously-unknown fling she had with Dale.

But when she realized that @commentsbybachelor had shared her comment, she jumped on that post to clarify.

“I wasn’t trying to be rude guys !! I meant when I met my ex I thought he was the one and it didn’t work out for me so I’m wishing her the best!” she wrote.

So it appears fans needn’t be concerned- Francesca was simply referring to her own ex, not Dale.

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley could already be married

Even though some people are doubting Clare and Dale, the two may have taken a huge step in their relationship without telling anymore.

Dale and Clare could already be married. The rumor surfaced a few weeks ago on a podcast. In a recent photo shared by Dale, he is wearing a ring on that finger. The ring looks like a black wedding band.

As for Francesca, she was linked to Bachelorette alum Jef Holm back in early September this year. He was spotted giving her a kiss at an airport over the summer.

She didn’t confirm whether she was talking about Jef in the comments she made on Clare’s photo. We can’t confirm whether they are still together at the time of this reporting.

The Bachelor airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.