Former The Real World and Challenge star seems ready to compete on All Stars Season 2

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Competitors get instructions at a daily event on The Challenge: Free Agents season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All-Stars spinoff season will bring viewers a blast from the past with competitors from previous Challenge seasons vying for big prize money.

The show will feature older competitors who have experience on The Challenge making their returns to battle it out with other Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat stars.

With the first season filmed and ready to premiere in the coming months, it seems many are hoping for a second season, including a former Real World and Challenge star who seems ready to compete on it.

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Real World and Challenge star hoping for All Stars 2

Many competitors have been part of MTV’s The Challenge over 36 seasons, some more memorable than others. However, Jasmine Reynauld became a fan favorite during her five appearances on the reality competition series due to a competitive fire and some hilarious moments.

She debuted on The Real World: Cancun and then made her official Challenge debut on Rivals, which aired on MTV 10 years ago. She’d go on to appear on three more seasons but never claimed a win at the finale.

Jasmine, also known by just “Jaz,” during her time on MTV shows, recently showed on her Instagram that’s she’s been putting in some work at the gym. She shared an image of herself presumably after working out and wearing The Challenge sweatshirt.

Based on her caption, she also wants to get a call should there be a second season of Mark Long’s pet project, The Challenge: All-Stars.

“Hope there is a Challenge All-Stars 2 in the future!! #letsdo it #OneMoreTime,” she wrote in her post’s caption.

For her rookie season, Jasmine teamed with her Real World: Cancun castmate and rival Jonna Mannion. Despite their rivalry, the duo definitely made a name for themselves.

They surprised everyone by winning in a tough elimination against Sarah Rice and Katelynn Cusanelli’s team.

Jasmine returned for four other seasons with Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons, Rivals II, and Free Agents but never reached a final, leaving some unfinished business.

Jasmine had ‘hostile’ rivalry with Double Agents star

Having appeared on five seasons of The Challenge means that Jasmine crossed paths with veteran stars that were part of the current Double Agents cast.

That included Wes Bergmann, Leroy Garrett, Chris “CT” Tamburello, Aneesa Ferreira, and Theresa Jones.

Jasmine had a hostile rivalry with Theresa during the Rivals season. The intense moment came about as Jasmine confronted Camila Nakagawa for arguing with Jonna.

During that season, Theresa was Camila’s partner and got into it with Jasmine.

The Challenge: Rivals - Jonna & Jasmine vs Camila & Theresa

During an appearance on Mike Lewis Podcast (below), Jasmine, now 34 years old, spoke about how she and Theresa nearly got into a physical altercation.

“We are both hotheads. We are both very not afraid to say how we feel. We’re very blunt. We’re straightforward, and it can rub people the wrong way at times, and we just happened to rub each other the wrong way,” Jasmine said.

They’d end up becoming partners on The Challenge: Rivals II and made it to the sixth episode, ultimately getting eliminated by the team of Camila and Jemmye Carroll.

Despite their feud, Jasmine said things ended up getting better between them as they kept in touch on social media after Rivals II. Both are now mothers and grown-up with responsibilities, so they now see each other differently and have mutual respect.

She even gave some praise for how Theresa played the game on Double Agents.

“She is playing the game of how this game is built,” Jasmine said, referring to Theresa’s sneaky strategy on Double Agents.

“This is what The Challenge is about. You take a swing. You take a big one, and if you miss, you miss. And the fact that she kept her head held high while basically, it seemed like to me the whole house just did not want to talk to her was probably pretty nasty to her, and she didn’t let that get to her.

“She still continued to play, but that’s what this is built off of,” Jasmine added.


Also during her podcast interview, Jasmine commented on what would have happened if she’d ever captured a win at The Challenge final.

“I always told myself if I ever become a Challenge champ, I’m not going to come back, because I have nothing else to prove,” Jasmine shared.

It seems based on that and Jasmine’s recent Instagram post, she still has that competitive fire left in her and is ready to prove she can become a Challenge champion.

It definitely seems she’s of the stars worthy of a call should there be an All-Stars Season 2 at some point in the future.

The Challenge: All Stars premiere date is TBA on Paramount+. The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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