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Former The Bachelor star Ben Higgins calls out Colton Underwood for lying in his new Netflix documentary

Former The Bachelor star Ben Higgins called out Colton Underwood for lying in his new Netflix special. Pic credit: ABC

Colton Underwood is ruffling some feathers with his Netflix special, Coming Out Colton, and this time it’s former Bachelor Ben Higgins who’s speaking out.

The 32-year-old Season 20 lead recently called out Colton for lying in his documentary and admitted that’s stopped him from tuning into the series.

“Colton [Underwood] came out this week and said that nobody from Bachelor Nation reached out to him, kind of after coming out, and that’s just not true,” the former Bachelor said on The Ben & Ashley Almost Famous podcast. “It kind of erupted my gut a little bit.”

Ben Higgins calls out Colton Underwood for lying in his Netflix special, Coming Out Colton

While Ben admitted it may be a pride thing and he may still tune in to the Netflix show, he knows for a fact that members of Bachelor Nation reached out to the former football player following his coming-out interview on Good Morning America.

“I know of multiple people that did, including myself,” Ben explained on the December 7th episode. “So I don’t know why he’s saying that. I just don’t get it. I don’t know if that’s [just] a good headline, I don’t know if it just makes the rest of us look unsupportive, or what?”

While Colton only mentioned previous franchise host Chris Harrison reaching out, “I sent him a book about how you navigate being a Christian and coming out,” Ben explained.

He added, “So I just don’t understand this stuff sometimes. It’s like, are you just trying to make everyone else look bad and for people to feel bad? Because like, Colton, I know people who did, including myself. And so, that’s just a lie.”

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Cassie Randolph also has some strong opinions about Colton Underwood’s new Netflix documentary

Ben Higgins isn’t the only one who has something to say about Colton Underwood’s documentary.

While Colton famously gave Cassie Randolph his final rose, their relationship ended when Cassie filed a restraining order on Colton after it was discovered the former Bachelor planted a tracking device on her car.

Speaking to Page Six, a source explained that Cassie supports him telling his narrative if it helps others, but “the part that sucks is that there’s really no way for him to tell his story without mentioning their breakup.”

The source added, “Cassie really just wants to move past any drama having to do with Colton. She’s being roped back into all this Colton mess because of the Netflix show.”

Will you be tuning into Coming Out Colton? Let us know in the comments.

Coming Out Colton is streaming now on Netflix.

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    • No. I wouldn’t . I think he is a fame seeker and would say things just to make his story appealing . I also think he knew about himself before he stepped on the show but yet accepted a role of a Bachelor. Not cool.

  1. Do people really give a two rats ass about Colton coming out let him come out and dance in the rain for All We Care that’s his journey not the world’s. Unreal people making a show on whether he’s gay and happ. Who Cares

  2. Most of the above comments are funny. Watch the Netflix series and you might understand better.
    He never claimed that no one reached out to him. In fact, he meets up with one of the girls from his season after coming out.

    So this article is bull shit.

  3. I don’t understand what the big deal is. He says he wants privacy it obviously he wants money more. Just do your thing Colton, I don’t think a show is necessary.

    I won’t be tuning in. My family and I all think this is going a little far. We just want him to be happy and move on.

  4. I watched it. Thought it was great. Has a strong helpful message to many who may need it

    Sorry to see some people with such strong language and opinions that I doubt were “in the room” so to speak however have venom and judgement rather than just their opinion based on very little knowledge Sadly the world following politics is giving us. Good Day All 😎

  5. I just like the fact that he addressed himself as a former football player… which never really happened. He’s not trying to help anyone as to help himself propel in the public. He treats this and everything else as a performance. He knew he was gay at a young age but he went on over and over to portrait a character he is not. And now he’s trying to tell people it’s hard coming out as a gay man?

    • ”He knew he was gay at a young age but he went over and over to portray a character he is not.” Uhh yes, because he was afraid of coming out?! That’s what happens when one is “in the closet.” “And now he’s trying to tell people it’s hard coming out as gay?” Again, that’s literally why he didn’t come out before then. He was afraid of what his family, friends, classmates, teammates, and church would think/say. I didn’t realize it was okay to judge someone’s coming out story.


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