FitFighter on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this fitness system special and where to buy it

FitFighter is the latest fitness craze and it is will be featured on SharkTank.
FitFighter is a unique fitness tool that is changing the way people work out. Pic credit: ABC

FitFighter on Shark Tank is a new fitness system that will have viewers of the ABC show talking for weeks.

People are always looking for different workout or fitness trends to keep them motivated. Although FitFighter was initially designed with firefighters’ physical demands in mind, creator Sarah Apgar had developed a workout that anyone can do.

What makes FitFighter fitness system special?

Sarah is an Iraq war vet and volunteer firefighter in Huntington, New York. She knows the physical demands of both military and firefighters are unique, so she created FitFigther.

According to Shark Tank Products, Sarah began to experiment with various fitness and exercise regimen after joining the fire department. Sarah came up with the idea for a free weight routine but with a twist.

Instead of using regular free weights, Sarah filled old firehose with sand to use as weights. She created several different routines that became an instant hit with firefighters in her area.

Interest in Sarah’s workouts exploded, and before she knew it, she had launched FitFighter.

Before kicking off her business venture, Sarah made one change to her equipment. The old firehoses are now filled with recycled steel, not sand. She named the new piece of equipment, Steelhose.

Sarah initially wanted to take her routine and equipment to gyms. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced her to launch an app-based streaming program for at-home workouts instead of focusing on gyms.


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Where to buy FitFigther?

There are various FitFighter workout routines that can be streamed on the website. Sarah created the program for all exercise levels so that anyone feels like a hero after working out.

Plus, each routine is broken out into a category focused on a collection or series that focuses on power, core, strength, cardio, endurance, and more. Sarah has come up with a system that has a little something for everyone based on two different memberships, $10 monthly or $80 annually.

The Steelhose can be purchased on the website too. It comes in a variety of weights ranging from 5 pounds to 40 pounds. They can be bought individually or in a home gym set. Price varies depending on weight and package for the hose.

FitFighter creator Sarah Apgar hopes one of the sharks on the hit ABC show can help take the system to the next level.

Sarah wants to expand but needs more funds so that she can continue to donate some of the FitFighter proceeds to Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Foundation. The foundation supports the wounded military, firefighters, front line health care workers, and their families.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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