Surprise Cake on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this cake stand special and where to buy it

Surprise Cake is the newest baking invention featured on Shark Tank.
Surprise Cake on Shark Tank was created by mother and son team Liz Charm and her son, Jordan Long. Pic credit: ABC

Surprise Cake on Shark Tank is a tool invented by Liz Charm and her son, Jordan Long. The duo is looking to take their company to the next level with a little help from one of the sharks.

There are a lot of various cake stands and baking tools on the market. So, what makes the cake stand so special? Plus, where can someone buy Surprise Cake, which is making waves thanks to its appearance on the hit ABC reality TV show?

What makes Surprise Cake stand special?

Liz and Jordan from Newton, Massachusetts, created a unique cake stand with a fun twist. Surprise Cake is no ordinary cake stand used to make a cake look pretty.

What makes Surprise Cake stand unique is it can hide gifts. Liz and Jordan refer to their invention as the “jack-in-the-box” for cakes.

Not only does the stand hide a gift, but it unveils the present in a surprise moment. It gives the illusion the gift is popping out of the cake, even though it is not hidden inside the cake itself.

Jordan and Liz also added an optional musical element to add another fun layer to the surprise.

Liz came up with the idea after hiding her daughter’s cell phone in her birthday cake.

The food and safety regulations don’t allow non-edible food to be baked in a cake. So, the mother and son decided to create the next best thing, a cake stand full of surprise gifts.

Where can someone buy Surprise Cake?

According to the company website, there are five different cake stand options for clients. There are other accessories available, such as a cupcake kit, sprinkles, and candle topper.

All items can be purchased on the website, in sets, or as individual items. Amazon also sells Surprise Cake stands.

The company is looking to add more products to their profile and open up more ways to purchase products. It is the main reason the mother and son duo are headed to talk to the sharks.

They have done the research and created a pretty killer product.

The mother and son duo need more financing from the Sharks to make it the booming business they know it can be. Jordan and Liz are confident they have an idea that adds a fun, exciting layer to any cake.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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