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First Saturday Lime on Shark Tank: What makes it special and where to buy it

First Saturday Lime will make their pitch tonight on Shark Tank
First Saturday Lime will make their debut on Shark Tank tonight. Pic credit: ©first_saturday_lime/Instagram

The hit ABC series, Shark Tank, gives entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their ideas in hopes of gaining an investor for their product.

First Saturday Lime will make their debut tonight as they pitch their idea to the self-made tycoons who make up the judging panel.

But, before the episode airs, let’s learn a little more about the company.

First Saturday Lime: what makes it special?

The unique name comes from the fact that they make their  “applications on the first Saturday of the month,” added to the fact that their base products are lime/limestone.

The family-oriented company has been in farming for generations, and their father was known for using natural products on the field.

“We knew from working alongside him that you could also use types of lime as a pesticide, but traditional hydrated lime is caustic and dangerous to work with,” the family said on their website.

“With the help of a chemist (and a lot of patience!), we created a patent-pending solution that had never existed before: a non-caustic lime and limestone formula that was tough on bugs but totally safe for humans and pets. And First Saturday Lime was born.”

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Be like the lime fairy and protect your animals and families from pesky (and sometimes harmful) bugs. So where do we use lime on our farms? Let us count the ways!! . In and around our chicken coops and barns. . In and around our animal's pastures and run-ins. . The water trough. . In the garden around your plants. . Around the perimeter of our homes. . Anywhere you want to reduce the amount of creepy crawlies or flying pests! . How does it work? It's a desiccant, which means it dries up eggs, larvae, and bodies of bugs. When full-grown bugs approach, they change their minds when they come to the barrier. To be most effective you need to put down a layer thick enough that there isn't a path through to the place you don't want the bugs. . Since it dries up eggs and larvae It interrupts the pest cycle in places where they've started breeding and stops new bugs from coming in to take over. . And since today's the first Saturday….it's the perfect day to put on your wings and sprinkle your magic bug be gone dust! . . . #drinkandfarm #firstsaturdaylime #whywelime #sofreshandsoclean #freshbarn #freshcoop #happyhens #healthyhens #happygoats #healthygoats #farmchores #lime #pestcontrol #mitecontrol #licecontrol #organicfarming #farmingtips #farmlife #chickencoop #backyardchickens #goatpen #countryside #rurallife #hobbyfarm #urbanfarm #homesteadersofig #homestead #homesweethomestead

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As for the adorable frog logo, “When we started out creating First Saturday Lime, a little frog became a frequent visitor to our warehouse. We called that the frog Ricardo, after our Dad, Richard, and Ricardo stuck around until First Saturday Lime launched.”

They also added: “Not only were frogs our Dad’s favorite animal, but they’re naturally pest-controlling creatures just like us! Now we put a little Ricardo on every bag of First Saturday Lime.”

First Saturday Lime: where to buy

You can purchase all the products on the company website.

So far, there are two products, one being antibacterial wet-wipes which sell for only $2.99.

However, First Saturday Lime’s best seller is the insect repellent, which is available in two different sizes – the five-pound package retails for $16.99 on the website, and the 20-pound bag sells for $27.99.

The patent-pending products are eco-friendly, offer anti-microbial protection, and are safe for “children, pets, animals and organic farming.”

The company has already been featured in Better Homes & Garden, Inc., and Pet+, but tonight they’ll make their Shark Tank debut!

Their selling point is: “We are a family that loves being outside. Since we were kids, we always had animals to chase after, gardens to tend, and fields to run around in. Now that we have kids of our own, we want to make sure those experiences continue in a way that’s safe for them and safe for the environment.”

You can watch First Saturday Lime make their pitch when Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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