Farrah Abraham open to Teen Mom OG reunion, should MTV take her back?

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham pictured earlier this year. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/StarMaxWorldwide

Farrah Abraham has revealed she would be open to a Teen Mom OG reunion.

However, after she was fired in 2017 for various inappropriate antics, which included participating in adult films, should MTV take her back?

The reality TV star recently did a video interview in which she claimed she would be okay with possibly appearing on a reunion special, and said she would be open to “adult conversations.”

Farrah Abraham claims she would be open to ‘adult conversations’

She told In Touch, “I think adult conversations would be amazing. I mean, I would be open to even hosting a special for Teen Mom, you know, and having all those conversations with everyone. Maybe I’ll pitch that, but I don’t know when they’re going to be back to [filming].”

She claimed she is not in contact with any cast members from the Teen Mom franchise, but is open to having conversations with them as long as she feels safe. She said, “So I definitely just will have my own security at my own way of protecting myself. I’m always ready for a conversation.”

Despite being open to a reunion, Farrah has yet to be contacted by MTV about participating in anything of that sort.

Farrah Abraham poses at an event
Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham poses at an event. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

She made a TikTok video about being fired from Teen Mom

In April, the former MTV star made a TikTok video with daughter Sophia in which she recreated the moment she was fired from the Teen Mom franchise by an executive.

She posted the video to Instagram, with the caption: “Nothing like a great #teenmom cameo on TikTok maybe this is why the ratings tanked even with everyone stuck at home, sports canceled & cbs can’t save it …for all wrongfully fired who are over achievers this is a sign others can’t grow with you & respect you Cheers moms thank you, Next.”

Farrah has criticized the show in the past

In June, Farrah did a Q&A video for her YouTube channel and stirred up some drama when she talked about Teen Mom’s low ratings. She claimed Bristol Palin, who replaced her on the MTV show, couldn’t fill in for her.

She said, “I think that the ratings are low because maybe Exhibit A, which is Bristol Palin, who really had trouble, you know, with dealing with press and news about filling my shoes.”

She continued, “Even with Bristol, or some of the other girls they put in — three at a time to fill my shoes, maybe four or more — it could take a whole cast to fill my shoes. And yet… not fill my shoes.”

Should MTV take Farrah Abraham back?

Farrah Abraham was known for having regular confrontations with Teen Mom producers, but she was ultimately fired from the show for participating in the adult entertainment industry, and even filed a lawsuit against Teen Mom creator Morgan J. Freeman and Viacom for “sex shaming” her.

Now, suddenly she wants back on the show. After the way she has criticized the Teen Mom franchise, the cast members, and creators, it seems clear they don’t owe her anything — and the reality star may well have bitten the hand that fed her one too many times.

Farrah is known for regularly stirring up drama — which many people would say she does to keep her name in the headlines — but the only reason she has fame at all is due to the show itself.

Perhaps she should have thought about that before participating in adult entertainment and being so publicly critical of MTV?

That being said, never say never — as the lure of a potential ratings bonanza could still change the network’s mind.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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Terry Hooper
Terry Hooper
3 years ago

Hell to the naw she was so disrespectful to all the girls and to the crew as well as her family