Families of the Mafia exclusive: Meet the Cutolo family

Billy Cutolo Jr. in a Families of the Mafia confessional.
Billy Cutolo Jr. is introduced on Families of the Mafia. Pic credit: MTV

Families of the Mafia viewers will be introduced to the newest family on the show, the Cutolo family.

Wild Bill Cutolo was the underboss for the Columbo crime family, and he went missing in 199. His son, Bill Jr., was also a part of the family, and when his father went missing, that all changed.

They are currently living in Arizona but have been to several places across the country after leaving Brooklyn.

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As the Cutolos explain the process of what happened to get they where they are today, viewers will meet Billy Jr.’s kids, Bills, Layla, and Nicco. Nahla, Billy’s wife, is also part of the show, and she talks about finding out what happened to her father-in-law.

Growing up in the witness protection program wasn’t easy, but all of the kids were raised to know the truth. In this exclusive Families of the Mafia clip, viewers will get to learn about the Cutolo family and the life they have lived over the last decade or so.

Billy Jr. took the opportunity to break the cycle and get out of the life. It wasn’t easy, but he made the decision for his family, and now they are sharing their story.

Families of the Mafia

To find out more about the Cutolo family, be sure to tune in!

Families of the Mafia airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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