Families of the Mafia exclusive: Karina Seabrook is all grown up

Karina Seabrook on Families of the Mafia.
Karina Seabrook is living her best life on Families of the Mafia. Pic credit: MTV

Families of the Mafia is back for a second season, and a lot has changed since viewers last saw the cast.

Karina Seabrook is the daughter of Mob Wives star Karen Gravano and the granddaughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. The transition from Arizona to New York wasn’t an easy one for the young lady, but now, she is thriving in the big city.

Is Karina Seabrook still with Paulie Fusco?

After watching Karina Seabrook and Paulie Fusco battle it out last season on Families of the Mafia, viewers may wonder if they are still together.

In this exclusive from Families of the Mafia on MTV, Karina talks about how much has changed in her life. One of the biggest changes is that she and Paulie are no longer together. Things ended between them, and it shows a conversation she has with her mom and grandfather about what he was putting her through.

What’s next for Karina Seabrook?

Now that she has left behind her relationship and is 21, Karina Seabrook is focused on her career. She is the one who wants to wants to break the cycle as her mom, dad, and grandfather have all spent time behind bars.

To find out what else has changed, be sure to tune into the season premiere of Families of the Mafia and catch up with the rest of the cast.

Families of the Mafia Season 2 premieres Thursday, July 15, at 9/8c on MTV.

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