Made in Staten Island Paulie Fusco and Karina Seabrook: Are they still together?

Paulie Fusco and Karina Seabrook during the premiere of Made in Staten Island
Paulie Fusco and Karina Seabrook have a unique relationship. Pic credit: MTV

Paulie Fusco and Karina Seabrook were introduced to the world earlier this week when Made in Staten Island premiered on MTV. The show follows a group of coming of age teens and young adults as they navigate life together.

Things haven’t always been easy for Paulie Fusco and while his goal is to be a millionaire, he is currently working in the kitchen of a restaurant. While it isn’t where he wants to be, it is where he needs to be at the moment.

Who is Paulie Fusco?

Being dubbed the hothead of the group, Paulie Fusco definitely has that bad boy mentality. He is used to the streets but has tried hard to stay away from that life.

Karina Seabrook has been his girlfriend for a few years now and she isn’t going to tolerate him living a life of crime. She is the daughter of Karen Gravano and the granddaughter of Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano.

His relationship with Karina Seabrook has been on and off for a while now. The two appeared on MTV’s Promposal back in 2017, and since then things haven’t changed much. Their co-stars on Made in Staten Island have voiced their concerns about their relationship but, at the end of the day, the two love one another.

Where are Paulie and Karina headed?

After the first episode of Made in Staten Island, there has been a lot of concern about Paulie Fusco and Karina Seabrook. His attitude has been throwing up red flags. He got upset at a party with the rest of the group there and threw a fit about Karina not kissing him.

There was also an incident where he was out dancing with other women when Karina wasn’t around. She heard about it from friends and was upset to see her boyfriend disrespecting her. Of course, he apologized, but she still wasn’t too happy.

If he doesn’t get his act together, there is no telling where Paulie Fusco and Karina Seabrook are headed. Without a high school diploma life isn’t easy for him. The streets are all Paulie knows, and if he goes back, he will lose the woman who has stood by him.

Right now, it looks like Paulie Fusco and Karina Seabrook are still together. Despite all of their ups and downs, it looks like love might trump all.

Made in Staten Island airs Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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