Exclusive Interview: Stevie J, Savannah, and Stevie Jr talk premiering on the brand new season of Growing Up Hip Hop

Savannah, Stevie J and Stevie J
Savannah, Stevie J and Stevie Jr talk about appearing on the brand new season of Growing up Hip Hop. Pic credit: WeTV

With WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop focusing on the heirs of the Hip Hop music empire, Savannah and Stevie Jordan Jr have officially made it to the city of Angels.

Joining the cast alongside the future generations of Rev Run, Salt N Pepa, and Eazy-E, it’s clear their Grammy award-winning, recording producing father Stevie J has earned them a spot at the prestigious table.

Stevie J began his dynasty as a DJ and producer when Bad Boy records were in their prime in the late 90s. Known for getting in the studio with legends such as The Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and Lil Kim, it doesn’t get any more Hip Hop than that.

This isn’t the first time the Jordan family has taken over television, previously making appearances on the Love & Hip Hop franchise and Leave it to Stevie, they are no strangers to living their life in front of a camera.

Although being on a reality tv show with your family may sound intense, Savannah explained, “It kind of has helped our communication because you have to be honest with yourself and the others around you or else, guess what? Those cameras will pick up on every little pixel that you’re thinking.”

While in the past it was Stevie J’s drama that had viewers glued to their screens, he’s turned a new leaf since falling for long-time friend and singer, Faith Evans.

Despite OG Stevie J calming his past mischievous ways, Savannah and Stevie Jr. are stepping up to the plate and have their own projects to share with the world.

Monsters and Critics caught up with Stevie J, Savannah, and Stevie Jr about what it was really like Growing Up Hip Hop, The Good Vibe, and appearing on the upcoming brand new season.

Stevie J, Savannah, and Stevie Jr talk about what Growing Up Hip Hop was really like

Being the youngest of six siblings and a life full of hand-me-downs, Stevie J explained that he was able to provide for his family in a completely different way than the humble means he grew up from.

“Mink jackets, mink hoodies, they was doing all that. I believe they experienced, during that time, the best of everything as they do now.”

When asked what it was like growing up with close ties to such an influential record label, Savannah responded, “I think we exhibited Black excellence then, so then now we’re taking it and reincarnating it, into our own spin and how we’re gonna take it in the new generation. That’s how it works, [and] that’s what y’all gonna see.”

While Stevie Jr graduated college and is in the studio producing like his dad, Savannah has taken her good vibe and made a brand out of it.

“I just felt that you know, everywhere I went, people were always telling me, ‘Oh my god, your such a good vibe’,” Savannah revealed about her new streetwear line, appropriately titled, The Good Vibe.

Although her father hasn’t got his shirt yet, Savannah dished, “I can’t wait for you guys to see this season because you’re going to see how I’m on his ass about little things like buying a hoodie or t-shirt.”

Looking at Stevie J, she added, “You suppose to get all the merch, you’re the dad.”

The Jordan family talks joining GUHH for Season 6

While in the past, it’s been Savannah calling out Stevie J’s behavior, this season on Growing Up Hip Hop, it’s her father with the questions.

It’s clear Savannah likes the finer things as even her dog, Savage, is laced in lush designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. However, her father is curious how she maintains her lavish lifestyle as he knows his 22-year-old daughter doesn’t have a job.

“You gotta watch the show because you know, we tryna find out where she getting all this money,” Stevie J teased.

Joining an already star-studded cast, Savannah reveals she relates the most with another newcomer this season, Cree Campbell, the daughter of 2 Live Crews, Uncle Luke.

“One thing about Cree, she gonna get her money and she knows how to keep it coming in her sleep,” she noted about her fellow co-star. “We’re really close. I’m cool with Egypt, [Lil] Twist, but me and Cree are definitely two peas in a pod.”

What are they most excited to share with fans this season?

When it comes to what their most excited to share with fans this season on GUHH, Stevie Jr replied, “Just our family. Seeing how our family, how we get through our family problems.”

The 24-year-old also added, “On the other hand, just us, me and Savannah just coming into our own. Savannah growing up and me trying to figure out what she got going on.”

“Y’all are gonna see me minding my business and trying to deflect everybody else from being in my business while doing my business,” Savannah added. “It’s kind of a handful but it’s fun. It was very fun shooting the show.”

Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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