Evelyn Lozada files for a restraining order against Ogom ‘OG’ Chijindu

Evelyn Lozada
The beef between Evelyn and OG has escalated…again. Pic credit: VH1

The beef between Basketball Wives costars Evelyn Lozada and Ogom “OG” Chijindu has escalated — again. Evelyn has filed a restraining order against OG in an effort to prevent another confrontation.

Less than a week ago, Evelyn filed a lawsuit against her castmate for defamation of character after OG went to social media and called Evelyn a racist bigot. Now she has filed a restraining order too,  according to TMZ.

According to the report, Evelyn claims she is in fear of her safety based on all of the drama that has escalated between them over the season. So far, the judge has yet to make a ruling.

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The cast has stated that OG is “aggressive” all season long. She filmed the reunion in a separate room, allegedly because the ladies were concerned that she might get physical when things got heated.

OG has been on social media a lot lately, dropping private conversations between her and Evelyn’s ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. She has also been very vocal on Twitter about the show. In one tweet, OG wrote “In life sometimes you just have to learn to take your ‘L’s’ and STFU… And then there are the eggheads that just have to learn the hard way… LMAO! So Imma cook them sunny side up over hard… thank you muah!”

Race has been a big topic between these ladies, especially after OG suggested that Evelyn tries to be black, even telling her on an episode, “You’re not black!”

She then said in a confessional, “Evelyn has come to Costa Rica with cornrows in her hair, I have sat at dinner tables hearing her use the N-word left and right and it’s disgusting.”

Evelyn responded, “I identify with being Afro-Latina, and guess what bitch? I’m proud. So, you can suck my d***.”

After the show aired, OG shared this little gem on her Instagram story:

Shared on OG's Instagram story
OG shared this on her Instagram story. Pic credit: Intagram/iheartog

The Basketball Wives reunion airs Wednesday night at 8/7c on Vh1.

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