Erika Jayne’s credit card statements reveal she’s not a great tipper and RHOBH fans take aim

Erika Jayne on RHOBH
Erika Jayne gets blasted for being a bad tipper. Pic credit: Bravo

Erika Jayne definitely isn’t making any allies as her storyline unfolds this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In real-time, she’s also taking plenty of heat and it didn’t get any easier when copies of her AMEX credit card statements made their way to social media.

One of the first things that RHOBH fans noticed was that while Erika claimed it was expensive to be her, she is really cheap when it comes to tipping service workers.

Really cheap.

Erika Jayne’s credit card statements revealed

Erika Jayne’s AMEX bill was submitted as part of the investigation into her finances amid Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy and the accusations of embezzlement that have been waged against him. And while lawyers are likely scouring them, looking for clues about Erika’s possible involvement in her husband’s accused crimes, that’s not the direction that social media has taken.

Instead, many have taken a look at Erika’s purchases and quickly realized that she’s terrible at tipping. Not that she doesn’t tip at all, as that likely wouldn’t have even been noticed. But the fact that she does tip and she tips so little has some RHOBH fans up in arms.

This may be the biggest reveal about Erika Jayne that has been made so far by attorney Ronald Richards, who was hired by the trustee to track down any money that Erika may owe to the alleged victims of her estranged husband.

And what has been learned about Erika’s spending habits has even more fans (or former fans) turning their backs on her.

One fan even tagged Erika on Twitter and asked her, “Can you at least address the tipping rumors? I was on your side til that…”

Tweet screenshot of RHOBH fan asking Erika to explain the tipping rumors.
Pic credit: @HousewifeHodown/Twitter

Just how bad are Erika Jayne’s tips?

Based on the pages of her AMEX bill that we’ve seen, Erika Jayne needs a lesson on how much to tip and when. After all, she tends to leave 10 percent or less for those who deliver her meals and that’s just not a good look.

Instagram account @bravobravoduckingbravo broke down the tips found on just one page of Erika Jayne’s AMEX bill, as seen below. They pointed out (and even color-coded for our convenience) three different charges and the corresponding tips for food deliveries and rides made to the RHOBH star.

One of them was a $5 tip made on a $90 purchase from Whole Foods that was delivered by Amazon. Another was a dollar tip on a $10 for an Uber ride.

The other tips seen were for $2.20 and $2.90 for Postmates deliveries. Only one of the initial charges for those was shown and it was for a meal totaling $7.97. While that one tip actually made it over the 20 percent mark, it’s still quite a small amount considering someone drove food to her home for her.

RHOBH fans comment on Erika Jayne’s low tips

It should surprise absolutely no one that RHOBH fans are appalled to learn that Erika Jayne is a terrible tipper. One commenter even wrote, “Bad tipper tells you everything you need to know about a person.”

While another wrote, “Newsflash: all rich people are like this. They’re cheap and they don’t think working people deserve living wages. That’s how they stay rich.”

A third commenter said, “I am not surprised” followed by an eyeroll emoji.

Screenshot of comments made regarding Erika Jayne's bad tipping habits.
Pic credit: @bravobravoduckingbravo/Instagram

Yet another person wrote, “The way she talks to servers and bartenders show that she’s a crappy tipper.”

Another simply shared three trash can emojis, while someone else exclaimed that she is a better tipper than the RHOBH star.

Another screenshot of comments made regarding Erika Jayne's bad tipping habits.
Pic credit: @bravobravoduckingbravo/Instagram

This is only the latest in the ongoing Erika Jayne saga but it seems that the embattled RHOBH star is losing support from those who held on to hope that she didn’t have anything to do with the case against Tom Girardi.

Learning that she’s so tight with her money when it comes time to tip definitely isn’t winning her any new fans.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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