RHOBH: Attorney calls Erika Jayne ‘tone deaf’ for refusing to give up wealthy lifestyle amid bankruptcy case

Attorney Ronald Richards calls Erika Jayne tone deaf for keeping up with lavish lifestyle
Attorney accuses Erika Jayne of living a lavish lifestyle despite legal woes. Pic credit: Bravo

Attorney Ronald Richards is bashing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne for what he calls “tone deaf” behavior. Ronald is the lawyer hired by the trustee of Tom Girardi’s estate to investigate Erika Jayne after Girardi was accused of stealing millions of settlement money from previous clients.

The stolen money allegedly funded Erika and Tom’s lavish lifestyle over the past several years. However, Erika continues to maintain her innocence and claims to have no knowledge of the claims levied against Tom.

After filing for divorce in 2020, Erika has moved out of the huge mansion she once shared with Tom and is now renting a $2.3 million property. The RHOBH star has expressed how much her lifestyle has changed since her ongoing legal drama, but Ronald Richards still thinks she’s living a life of luxury.

Attorney Ronald Richards calls Erika Jayne ‘tone deaf’

Ronald Richards gave an interview to The Sun and didn’t hold back his opinion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

Erika has recently opened up on the Bravo show about her simpler life compared to the one she enjoyed during her marriage. But viewers have expressed that Erika’s life is still pretty great compared to that of many other people and Ronald Richards agrees.

“I think it’s kind of tone deaf for the people that have lost all their money in the settlements,” noted Ronald. “I don’t think she’s changed her lifestyle that much. She lives in a beautiful townhouse in one of the nicest parts of Los Angeles. She’s traveled for trips.”

He continued, “I think that she’s got to take a reflection on what’s going on and try to come up with an economic solution for her that gets her some peace.”

Erika Jayne has spent thousands in legal fees

During his chat with the media outlet, Ronald Richards also noted the vast amounts that the RHOBH star has spent on legal fees.

“So far her legal fees have gotten her no victories in court and really only delayed the process,” claimed Ronald.

“I don’t know what the purpose of her legal expeditions have been. They haven’t been effective for her at all, she would be much better off providing all the things that are requested so we can complete our investigation. And we’re hopeful that we get her continued cooperation,” he added.

According to the attorney, even if The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was unaware that she was spending stolen money, she is still culpable.

“I think that if the position is, ‘Hey, I had a husband that just let me spend whatever I want, and I have no culpability because that money could be sourced to settlement payments that were not made,’ that’s a misunderstanding of the law with respect to whether she’s going to have liability,” Ronald Richards explained.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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