Erika Jayne divorce timeline: Here is everything we know about RHOBH star’s split from Tom Girardi

Here's a timeline of RHOBH star Erika Jayne's divorce from Tom Girardi
Here’s a timeline of Erika Jayne’s divorce. Pic credit©

It seems all anyone can talk about these days is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne and her estranged husband Tom Girardi. The former couple has been in the spotlight for months now after Erika shockingly filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years.

Soon after the filing, a barrage of lawsuits started to pile up against the couple with lawyers accusing Tom of swindling millions of dollars from clients over the years.

It is yet to be determined if and how much Erika knew about Tom’s alleged illegal dealings, but critics seem to think that her divorce was a strategy to keep her out of the lawsuits.

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Let’s breakdown the timeline of Erika and Tom’s divorce.

Erika Jayne files for divorce from Tom Girardi

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star made the divorce filing on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 in Los Angeles.

Erika confirmed the filing in a statement that read in part, “After much consideration, I have decided to end my marriage to Tom Girardi. This is not a step taken lightly or easily. I have great love and respect for Tom and for our years and the lives we built together.” 

While the divorce came as a shock to many people, the 49-year-old recently told her castmates that things have not been good between her and Tom for quite some time. She also alluded to something bigger coming her way. That “something” we now know is a series of lawsuits– the first of which was filed in December 2020 by law firm Edelson PC alleging that the couple’s divorce was a sham to hide money that was taken from victims.

Tom Girardi refuses to pay Erika Jayne spousal support

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi did not have a prenup during their marriage and in her divorce filing the RHOBH star requested spousal support and for Girardi to pay her legal fees. However, in early December, the 81-year-old responded to his wife’s divorce petition and asked the court to terminate Erika’s right to spousal support and also requested that she pay her own legal fees.

Later that month, things took an even uglier turn. Erika dropped a bombshell on Instagram accusing Tom of cheating on her and even naming his alleged mistress. The blond beauty posted text messages between Tom and the woman. “This is Justice Trisha A. Bigelow. She was f**king my husband Tom Girardi and he was paying her Saks bill and paying for her plastic surgery,” said Erika in the now-deleted post.

Erika Jayne finds a new home

After filing for divorce, Erika left the marital home she once shared with Tom. In last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she talked about moving out of her 16,000 square-foot house. These days the RHOBH star is reportedly living in a a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2000 square-foot home in Los Angeles.

As of now, Tom and Erika’s divorce has not been finalized and the couple is still embroiled in several lawsuits filed against them.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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