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Eric and Larissa from 90 Day Fiancé celebrate 2 years together according to Eric – Fans have mixed reviews

Larissa and Eric from 90 Day Fiance: happily Ever After
Eric shared a picture of him and Larissa announcing their two year anniversary, and fans have mixed reviews. Pic credit: TLC

Eric Nichols and Larissa Lima have had a tumultuous, public, and unique relationship, which Eric announced has been two years long.

Fans and haters of the couple have often been confused by the on again off again nature of their saga.

They are both big on OnlyFans and support each other in that endeavor and often are the ones taking the pictures for each other.

Eric wrote the caption, “2 years ago today (emojis).” On both of their IG profiles they mention the other with a shoutout in their Instagram handles.

Larissa had posted a, since deleted, an anniversary pic with Eric back in January, but went on to post about their breakup in February.

Why 90 Day Fiance fans are confused about their relationship

A picture from Eric Nichols' Instagram
Eric and Larissa celebrated their 2nd anniversary. Pic credit: @ericjosephnichols/Instagram

Viewers first met Eric when he appeared with Larissa on the Tell All for Happily Ever After Season 4. They began Season 5 broken up, but reconciled and grew closer after Larissa’s first set of plastic surgeries.

They had an epic fight during Season 5, where Larissa instigated drama by calling one of the girls Eric hooked up with to get information on what he said about her. Eric managed to stop her from taking her rage any further and they decided to let the past go.

Since then, they moved to Colorado Springs together, but broke up in November of 2020.

They got back together but broke up around February when Larissa took to Instagram to ask her fans to unfollow him after she posted cryptic IG stories of abuse and unhealthy barriers.

On Eric’s anniversary post, followers commented about their confusion of the relationship status. Many thought they were broken up, siting Larissa’s epic and public February breakup.

Comments from Eric Nichols' IG post
Some fans are still confused by Eric and Larissa’s relationship status. Pic credit: @ericjosephnichols/Instagram

They did get a lot of praise and congratulations on the post as well, from fans who think the couple is meant to be together.

Comments from Eric Nichols' IG post
Larissa and Eric fans expressed their happiness over their relationship status. Pic credit: @ericjosephnichols/Instagram

What is next for Larissa and Eric?

Larissa posted that she has her, “own place in Colorado Springs. 100% independent, no roommates.” She has posted videos to her story of Eric helping her with her furniture and layout.

An IG post from Larissa's page
Larissa moved into her own apartment separate from Eric. Pic credit: @larissalimareal/Instagram

The pair used to live together in Colorado Springs before the February breakup. Larissa briefly moved back to Las Vegas before apparently getting this apartment only for herself.

If they can manage not to gaslight each other and not bring up the past, Larissa and Eric might stay together this time. They have many fans rooting for their relationship and have their fair share of people who think they are completely toxic and unhealthy together.

Either way, if their public and volatile history says anything, it says that their followers will be in the loop of every bump in the road thanks to Eric and Larissa’s strong social media presence.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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