Elizabeth Corrigan throws shade at ‘trash’ ex

Elizabeth Corrigan
Elizabeth Corrigan debuted on The Bachelor Season 26 with ex Clayton Echard. Pic credit: @elizabethcorrigan/Instagram

Elizabeth Corrigan was feeling shady as she trashed a “garbage ex.” 

Elizabeth, who recently came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community, shared a video as she announced she ran into her ex on the street. 

In the video, Elizabeth adds a twist as she films her ex on the street, suggesting she doesn’t think highly of the former lover. 

Bachelor Nation stars and commenters loved the petty post. 

Some fans even thought the ex Elizabeth was referring to was The Bachelor Season 16 lead Clayton Echard. 

However, Elizabeth clarified that she was not firing shots at her controversial ex, Clayton. 

Elizabeth Corrigan makes a video about her ‘trash’ ex 

Elizabeth Corrigan shared a TikTok video as she walked the streets of New York City. 

Text over the video read, “You guys omg I saw my ex on the street today,” as Elizabeth feigned shock. 

The video then cut to a large pile of black trash bags on the sidewalk that she suggested was her ex. Text over the video read, “Literally walked RIGHT UP TO HIM AND…”

Elizabeth then shared a close-up selfie of her face making a wide-eyed expression as she wrote about accidentally making eye contact with her ex. 

Elizabeth then talked to the camera, asking if her ex saw her. 

The Bachelor Nation blonde captioned the post, “SO I ran into my ex…he looks the same #nycbelike #relatable #nyc #nextplease.” 

Elizabeth’s friends and followers commented on the post with approval and expressed finding the post relatable. 

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 and 7 star Demi Burnett commented, “He’s not even cute sis! His loss!” 

A commenter wrote, “Odd, my ex looks like your ex. Maybe related?”

Elizabeth replied, “he’s def got one o choose average faces ya know.” 

One commenter left laughing emojis while writing, “the drama with the [fire] fit.” 

Elizabeth Corrigan's comments
Pic credit: @elizabethcorrigan/Instagram

Elizabeth Corrigan’s post was not about Clayton Echard 

Clayton Echard faced backlash and scrutiny after his stint on The Bachelor Season 26. 

While many piled on Clayton for his questionable decision-making, Elizabeth made it clear that her video was not an attempt to add to the critique of Clayton. 

A commenter appeared to think the garbage bags were referring to Clayton, writing, “Yup. That’s Clayton alright.” 

Elizabeth cleared the air by replying, “no! I stan @claytonechard !” 

Elizabeth Corrigan's comments
Pic credit: @elizabethcorrigan/Instagram

Clayton ruffled many feathers, but it appears there’s no bad blood between him and Elizabeth. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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