Elizabeth Corrigan opens up about struggles after filming The Bachelor

Elizabeth Corrigan
Elizabeth Corrigan gets real about her emotional and mental state after filming The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Elizabeth Corrigan had her share of problems on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, during filming and while the show aired. Most of her issues stemmed from one person and were the root of her dilemmas, and that was the season villain, Shanae Ankney.

However, after she had all of the controversy and drama with Shanae, and Clayton listened to Shanae over Elizabeth, she started doubting herself. In fact, she suffered quite a bit emotionally and mentally after Clayton sent her packing.

Elizabeth has just now taken to her Instagram page to detail what she went through after she filmed The Bachelor. Here is her journey and the process she had to sort through afterward.

Elizabeth Corrigan documented the aftermath of her journey on The Bachelor in three parts on Instagram

She posted to Instagram, her story, told in three parts. The first she focused on what she went through once Clayton eliminated her from the show.

While she sat in her room staring at the walls and ceiling, she struggled to comprehend what had happened. However, she stated, “A night of cuddles with Kira, an early morning call to Kate and 24 hours later I decided Denver was no longer home – I just didn’t know where it was yet.”

Elizabeth went on to state that she “was rocked by the experience and it took me weeks to call my family and my friends.”

She discussed how important some of those other women in the house were to her and how they helped her through that time that was so hard for her. Elizabeth also knew she needed to start over anew and fresh, instead of staying in her previous hometown of Denver.

She ended Part 1 by saying, “This post is my love song to those two unreal months and the women who held me through it.”

Elizabeth’s Bachelor journey Part 2 description

Elizabeth then went on to Part 2 in a new Instagram post with photos. In this part, she talked about her struggles with her mental health after the show. She talked about how the show brought up past issues she thought she had conquered.

Elizabeth posted, “I faced some demons I thought I had banished long ago in the form of compulsive binge eating and extreme body dysmorphia. I sat in the dark, I sat in the light. I also bore my soul to some beautiful humans who showed me grace, love and compassion in return.”

Because of those issues, Elizabeth tried to address them and advocate for herself by taking medication, but that seemed to take the joy out of life for her, so she turned to her sisters, other family members, and her friends to help her through those times.

Part 3 of Elizabeth’s Instagram post on what she learned after The Bachelor

In Part 3 of Elizabeth’s Instagram post and pictures, she discussed how much pressure women put on themselves to look a certain way, and how they compare themselves to other women.

She again talked about how having close friends can help us through so many situations, and sometimes, if women could see themselves through their friends’ eyes, maybe they wouldn’t be so hard on themselves.

Elizabeth wrote, “As women especially, we spend a lot of time looking at ourselves (externally and internally) Examining and analyzing all the things we want to change and ways in wish we which we could be different.”

She went on to state, “But after allll that time looking at ourselves I hope one day we fully realize the time we spend walking alongside the women in our lives who really see us is what has made all the difference.”

It seems like although Elizabeth had some hard times after being on The Bachelor, she also learned a great deal about herself. Now, living in New York, she seems like she is happy and having fun.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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