DWTS’ Artem Chigvintsev shares heartbreaking news about wedding

Artem with his parents on Total Bellas
Artem with his parents on Total Bellas. Pic credit: E! Entertainment

Weddings are supposed to be happy times, but for Dancing with the Stars pro dancer Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella, it is a mixed blessing.

The couple has been together for three years now and has a baby boy, but they have been putting their wedding off since COVID-19 started, for a good reason.

However, the reason they were waiting was so Artem’s family could make it to his wedding.

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Sadly, Russia starting a war with Ukraine has put a damper on those dreams.

Artem says his parents can’t attend his wedding

Artem revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that his parents would not be able to attend his wedding.

“With what’s going on right now in the world, I think it’s pretty much equivalent to impossible,” Artem said.

“I think it’s gonna be [a] Zoom type of a situation, or some kind of a FaceTime deal, but unfortunately not in person, which makes me very sad.”

Originally, Artem and Nikki were holding off on their wedding since it would be hard for his parents, Vladimir and Anna, would be unable to travel with the restrictions.

The couple then decided to have the wedding in Paris to make it easier for his parents to attend.

The war with Ukraine has mostly made travel from Russia impossible.

“I think why actually [we] waited for the wedding to happen, the biggest thing was because I want my parents to be here,” Artem said. “That might not be really possible, to be honest.”

Artem and Nikki have set a wedding date

With the realization that Artem’s parents couldn’t attend the wedding, the two finally locked down a wedding date.

While they did not reveal the date to their fans, they did say it would be this fall and they were in the middle of locking down a wedding venue.

“Life is really stressful. We’re barely home together at the same time. There’s a lot more, I don’t want to say important things in life, but a lot more [to focus on],” Nikki said about the long wait for their wedding.

“So at times, I get into that mode where I feel like I have to defend it because I’ll see people say all these things online and make it a negative… I’m like, it’s not a negative.”

Nikki also revealed that the wedding might be shown on E! where she starred in Total Bellas and Total Divas.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series should return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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