DWTS Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella have changed their wedding plans

Artem and Nikki Bella have changed their wedding plans
Artem and Nikki Bella have changed their wedding plans. Pic credit: ©

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev were supposed to get married in Napa Valley in 2021.

However, thanks to several reasons, they postponed the wedding and didn’t name a new date.

Nikki appeared at the Super Bowl parties with her twin sister Brie Bella, and she talked a little about her relationship with Artem and their wedding plans.

It seems those plans have changed a great deal.

Nikki and Artem plan to get married in Paris

The original wedding was supposed to be on Thanksgiving 2021 in Napa Valley, where the couple lives with their one-year-old son Matteo.

However, they canceled the plans and moved on with their lives without getting married yet.

Nikki said in later interviews that they wanted Artem’s family to attend the wedding, but coming from Russia wasn’t happening at that time because of the ongoing pandemic.

Nikki also said at the time that they were remodeling their house and just chose to wait on their wedding.

Nikki said in the interviews over Super Bowl weekend that they are now planning to get married in Paris.

“[We’re] looking at Paris right now,” Nikki told PEOPLE. “We feel like it’s the easiest to get his parents there. We’re figuring out dates, so we’ll see, but we’re thinking that Paris would be the perfect place.”

With the conflict right now between the United States and Russia, having the wedding in another country might be the best idea. With the beauty of Paris, it might be a perfect location.

It is also a special place. It is where Artem proposed to Nikki in 2019.

Artem still recovering from COVID-19 and pneumonia

Artem contracted COVID-19 in January and that led to a serious bout of pneumonia.

Four weeks after he contracted it, he was still down and out with pneumonia. Nikki mentioned in her interviews that he was still getting treatment and they were hoping for good news after the latest exams.

“He gets his lungs re-scanned and we’ll find out if they’re better,” Nikki said. “The swelling’s gone down, so, fingers crossed. We’re praying really hard that we get good news.”

Artem had to pull out of the 2022 Dancing with the Stars tour because of his illness.

““Unfortunately I am having to step away from tour for a while, due to some unexpected health issues,” he said.

He later updated fans by saying, “I had another x-ray done yesterday, and it came back still positive for pneumonia, so I just got another set of antibiotics.”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The reality dancing competition series should return in late 2022.

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