Dorit Kemsley’s husband PK slams Sutton Stracke for her reaction to their home robbery

PK Kemsley
Paul “PK” Kemsley said Sutton Stracke’s reaction to their home invasion is “dark”. Pic credit: Bravo

Fans, viewers, and fellow Housewives have all criticized the way Sutton Stracke reacted to the home invasion that Dorit and PK Kensley suffered.

In a scene from the first episode of Season 12, Kyle was reeling from the traumatic events, while Sutton went on about the bad day she was having. Sutton’s bad day involves her struggling to get a French designer to town.

It paled in comparison to what Dorit went through, and Sutton’s coldness was not lost on anyone who watched. Sutton later apologized to Dorit directly for her reaction. Sutton explained in later episodes that she herself had suffered PTSD from a break-in and gun violence.

PK is now chiming in to express his feelings on Sutton’s response, and he isn’t cutting her any slack.

PK said Sutton was more than just shady to Dorit

Even though Sutton has apologized to everyone for what she said the day after Dorit was violated in her home, PK thinks there is more to it. During episode two, viewers saw Kyle tell Mauricio, Dorit, and PK what Sutton had said to her, and they were clearly shocked.

The Hayu network posted an Instagram poll asking fans if they thought Sutton’s reaction was “totally fine” or “shady”. An overwhelming 87 percent agreed what she said was considered shady, but PK thought shady was too soft of a response.

PK reposted the results of the poll to his Instagram stories with the caption, “Shady sounds fun. This is not shade, it’s darkness.”

PK thinks Sutton is dark, not shady. Pic credit: @paul_kemnsley_pk/Instagram

Sutton has admitted to being ‘insensitive’

Sutton has apologized, and her apology was accepted by Dorit. “That morning, it was confusing. I don’t follow tabloids, and that’s how everybody was finding out what had happened to Dorit,” Sutton said in her amends.

“So a lot of things were unclear to me, and I don’t think I understood the complete seriousness of the situation. I think when things unfold we might have some more clarity as to my reaction. I think that it comes across very insensitive.”

Sutton has also teased that during this season, she, Dorit and PK have made great strides in their friendships, although she said that it was a process. Viewers will see this unfold as the episodes air, and the two were recently seen hanging out at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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