RHOBH: Did Sutton Stracke call her nemesis Erika Jayne ‘white trash’?

Erika Suttod Teddi
Teddi Mellencamp claims Sutton Stracke called her and Erika Jayne ‘white trash’. Pic credit: Bravo

Sutton Stracke has been in the hot seat every episode this season. It’s still early, but Sutton is getting raked over the coals for insensitive comments she made about the home invasion that Dorit endured right as filming started.

When confronted with her comments and how her friends perceived them, Sutton claimed that she has issues with guns and home invasions from events in her past.

Now, Teddi Mellencamp is here to combat those claims, based on an episode she filmed in Season 10 when Sutton was just a friend-of. Teddi’s statement directly goes against Sutton’s reasoning for treating Dorit’s trauma the way she did.

Teddi said Sutton called her and Erika ‘white trash’

On an episode last week of Teddi and Tamra Judge’s podcast, Two Ts In A Pod, Teddi made a very bold claim that Sutton’s excuse for her reaction to Dorit is all lies. Initially, Sutton said that when she flippantly dismissed the trauma that Dorit experienced, her excuse was that she had a negative past with guns and break-ins. Sutton said that she also was the victim of a home invasion as a child and her father used a gun to commit suicide, making her reaction to Dorit one that wasn’t as heartfelt as she intended because it caused Sutton to relive her own personal trauma.

On the podcast, Teddi goes back to an unaired scene from her last season as a Housewife and her only season filmed with Sutton. Teddi claimed, “When I see Sutton say in the confessional, ‘you know for me, I have a history with guns, I have a real issue with guns,’ then my mind goes back to the season that I was on with Sutton.”

And then she spills the tea. “Sutton called Erika and I white trash, and she said she grew up hunting and using guns and blah, blah, blah and ‘just because I’m not from like the white trash places where you guys are, we could get a license at 15 to drive a tractor,’” Teddi revealed to her listeners.

If what Teddi said is true, Sutton is trying to save face in front of the ladies about her dismissive behavior. Perhaps Sutton never expected this information to come out or Teddi to even remember.

Tamra asked Teddi why the moment never made it to air, and Teddi admitted that producers “don’t show those types of things, especially your first season.” Teddi also said that she believes Sutton makes for good television.

Sutton claimed the entire situation made her uncomfortable but is it true?

There is no doubt that Sutton would have been traumatized by the events in her life, but is that the reason for her harsh reaction to Dorit? If she was openly talking about gun hunting, plus disparaging her cast for being ‘white trash,’ maybe there is something else behind her behavior with Dorit.

Sutton’s season has not started great, and this information could turn fans against her even more. But in typical Housewives fashion, we have likely not heard the last of this fight.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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