Dorit Kemsley’s husband PK ‘fact checks’ Lisa Vanderpump; drama grows

Paul PK Kemsley is calling out Lisa Vanderpump after Dorit's claims
Paul PK Kemsley is calling out Lisa Vanderpump after Dorit’s recent claims caused LVP to clap back. Pic credit: ©

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley‘s husband, PK, is defending his wife’s claims and shading Lisa Vanderpump in the process.

After Dorit claimed that Lisa Vanderpump should have approached her at at the 70th birthday party of a mutual friend on Watch What Happens Live, headlines circulated about LVP’s alleged affront. Dorit contested Lisa’s claim that she texted the family after her home invasion, and suggested LVP did not show interest at a recent party. Lisa responded to news sources directly and claimed that Dorit misrepresented facts.

Always one to defend his wife against Housewives past and present, PK fact checked Lisa and gave his side of the story.

Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley ‘fact checks’ Lisa Vanderpump, defends wife Dorit

PK posted a tweet from Lisa Vanderpump, where LVP said that Dorit misrepresented facts.

LVP alleged that she did not ignore Dorit at a recent party. She stated she was in another room at their mutual friend’s party.

PK clapped back and there was no “other room” and that he was seated at the “younger table.” He continued to say that he had fun before quipping, “whose [sic] confused?”

PK wrote in the caption, “FACT CHECK …. We saw LVP at my best friends bday party. She wasn’t on the bday boys table, he was with his family and we were not in the ‘other room’ no one was in the other room, we were on a younger table … it was a fun night … [who’s] confused? @pagesix @doritkemsley #rhobh.”

Lisa Vanderpump thinks Dorit is confused again

Lisa Vanderpump responded to a tweet about Dorit Kemsley, where Dorit said LVP ignored her at a party.

Dorit claimed on Watch What Happens Live that LVP ignored her at the 70th birthday party of a mutual friend. Dorit said that if Lisa cared about her and her home-invasion aftermath, she would have approached her or her husband.

Lisa said Dorit’s accounts were inaccurate and that they crossed paths at Robert Earl’s birthday party six months before Dorit’s home invasion. Lisa also claimed Dorit and PK sat in another room, while she was next to Mr. Chow and Robert Earl.

Lisa Vanderpump responded with a photo of her with Mr. Chow and tweeted, “Misrepresentation of the facts, we crossed paths IRobert [sic] Earls 70th birthday party at Mr Chows…six months BEFORE her robbery..I was sitting between the birthday boy and Mr. Chow…she was in the other room. And no I didn’t speak with her? Oh dear I think she’s confused again.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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