Dorit Kemsley shuts down rumors of separation from husband PK

Dorit Kemsley speaks about her marriage.
Dorit Kemsley is putting the rumors to bed. Pic credit: Youtube/Bravo

Dorit Kemsley has been on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for seven seasons.

Throughout that time, she’s found herself caught up in some of the show’s most shocking storylines, including a devastating home invasion.

More recently, there’s been a wealth of speculation about her relationship status with husband Paul “PK” Kemsley.

And now, the mother of two is setting the record straight.

The fashion designer opened up Wednesday evening on the RHOBH After Show about the swirling rumors that the pair have called time on their marriage.

Dorit said the pair thought their statement would “quell the rumors,” but she’s unsure if that actually helped.

Dorit is adamant she and PK are fine, but the show would like us to believe otherwise

Side note: The series has heavily hinted at marital woes between the pair in recent episodes, with them struggling to agree on many things in their lives.

Co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff wondered if the pre-season trailer could have ignited rumors of unrest in their marriage.

Dorit revealed she doesn’t give energy to discovering the origin of rumors because it’s like “going down a rabbit hole.”

“The rumors are false,” she affirmed, adding that the pair have had struggles, but “we have worked through them.”

Dorit says her marital woes are similar to what every marriage goes through

Dorit believes the issues aren’t any different to most married couples in that they can have great moments, but they are working through some things.

“Most married people are going to face challenges,” she added.

Later in the conversation, Dorit said she “loves PK very much” and knows he loves her in return.

Dorit wanted people to know that there was “no catastrophic event” in her marriage and that neither had done something wrong.

While Dorit has finally put the rumors to bed, it’s becoming increasingly clear that she may not be on the show much longer.

Dorit may not be on RHOBH for much longer

As RHOBH has had one of its weakest seasons in years, there are many questions about what producers will do to make this diamond sparkle again.

If one cast member has to go, there’s a good chance Dorit will be on the chopping block.

Instead of having an actual storyline, Dorit has been stirring the pot like never before, such as when she forced Denise Richards and Erika Jayne to confront their issues.

It didn’t land as well as she expected, making it seem glaringly obvious she was putting in the work of a part-time cast member.

RHOBH could be set for a major shakeup

There’s a chance Annemarie Wiley could remain on the cast, despite esophagusgate leading to her claiming she’s been dragged through the mud.

Kyle Richards is also likely weighing up her options after having one of her most difficult seasons to date.

She has fielded questions about her marriage and the status of her relationship with Morgan Wade, among other things.

The true test for Dorit will be how she handles herself at the reunion. It may be her last chance to urge her Bravo bosses to give her a contract for next season.

Then again, maybe she could move to The Real Housewives of New York City because Brynn Whitfield would be down for that.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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