RHOBH spoilers: Erika takes on Denise and Kyle gets put on blast

Denise Richards and Erika Jayne on RHOBH Season 13
Denise and Erika have it out again on RHOBH. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spoilers tease Erika Jayne and Denise Richards are making things very uncomfortable for the group.

Bravo has given RHOBH fans a sneak peek at what’s happening when the show returns from its brief holiday break.

It’s Taco Tuesday at Crystal Kung Minkoff’s house, and the action picks up right where they left off with Dorit Kemsley stirring the pot.

Dorit asks Denise if she and Erika have cleared the air, which leads to Dorit ultimately leaving after Erika calls her out.

Meanwhile, Garcelle Beauvais, Kyle Richards, Sutton Stracke, and Kim Richards look on as Denise brings up the past with Erika.

Oh yes, Denise has an axe to grind, and it brings out Erika’s fighting side.

RHOBH star Erika Jayne takes on Denise Richards

They rehash Denise having an issue with Erika over her assuming Denise’s daughter knew about threesomes. Erika pleads her case, but Denise won’t listen, resulting in Erika bringing up Denise and her daughter’s adult content subscription.

Remember how Erika said she gave up fighting with the group for Lent? Well, Lent is clearly over because Erika goes all in on Denise, who makes it clear she thinks Erika is mean.

This prompts Erika to wonder who makes more money in the adult arena, Denise or her daughter. The look on the rest of the group’s faces is priceless because Erika’s claws are coming out.

It becomes obvious the conversation is getting nowhere, so Garcelle moves it long, asking Denise what she wants from Erika. When Denise brings up her kids, Erika spills it has nothing to do with the kids.

A flip of the scene goes to a flashback to help Erika explain her side, only to have Denise continue to argue as Erika speaks over her. After more back and forth, Erika gets up to declare she’s done and has nothing left for Denise before walking away.

Kyle Richards gets put on blast by her The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars

Once Erika leaves, Kyle pipes up that children and families are off-limits in the group. Gracelle calls out Kyle for not saying that to Erika.

Denise also goes in on Kyle keeping quiet instead of stepping in with the Erika situation. Kyle defends herself by saying she was letting them talk it out.

In her reply, Kyle loses it, wondering why no one stood up for her regarding her new ring and allegations Mauricio Umansky cheated. Kyle is furious that she’s being blasted when the same was done to her and loses it in her confessional.

All the tension leads to Garcelle, Denise, and Sutton leaving Taco Tuesday and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans to wonder what comes next for this group.

RHOBH Season 13 has reached the halfway point, and based on the latest sneak peek, Bravo has saved the best for last.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-12 are streaming on Peacock.

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