Did Jessa Duggar out another Duggar pregnancy?

Jessa Duggar on Counting On.
Jessa Duggar may have exposed her sister-in-law’s pregnancy. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar celebrated Henry’s fourth birthday recently. She compiled a video for him of his birthday week and shared it just a few days ago.

Things have been pretty quiet on social media where the Duggars are concerned. After the holidays, things appeared to have died down.

However, after watching the 15-minute video for Henry’s birthday, something at the end caught Counting On viewers by surprise.

Is Anna Duggar pregnant?

Within the last few minutes of Jessa Duggar’s video, Anna Duggar was shown cutting the cake.

She was dressed in a leopard print top, which appeared to be hugging a baby bump. This would be shocking because, typically, Anna and Josh Duggar announce their pregnancies fairly early.

If she is expecting, it would be her seventh child with her husband, Josh Duggar.

Briefly, Jessa Duggar unlisted the video after several fans pointed out that Anna looked like she was pregnant. It has since been uploaded again, but the question about whether there is a pregnancy is still there.

What has Anna Duggar been up to?

Her social media postings have slowed down a lot since the holidays took over. There haven’t been many photos of the kids either, which isn’t typical for Anna Duggar.

Last November, Maryella celebrated her first birthday. She was a part of the 2019 Duggar baby boom.

Counting On fans have been wondering when the next wave of babies would come, and already Kendra Caldwell is gearing up to welcome her third child. She was also part of the baby boom and Maryella and her daughter, Addison, are just a few weeks apart.

Anna not acknowledging the questions is leading to the speculation that she is indeed pregnant again. Her other children are typically two years apart, and while this would be an earlier pregnancy than expected from her, it wouldn’t be shocking.

Many of the Duggar women like to clap back when a pregnancy is insinuated when there isn’t one. Silence on their behalf is typically an admission of confirmation, and so far, it has been silent on the homefront from Anna Duggar.

It will be interesting to see if Anna does come forward with a pregnancy announcement. She and Josh are not tied to Counting On, so their revelation doesn’t have to be timed perfectly.

As of now, Anna Duggar has not commented on a possible pregnancy, and Jessa Duggar hasn’t acknowledged why she listed, unlisted, and relisted the video following the questions regarding her sister-in-law.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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