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Did Javi Marroquin sleep with Briana, Lauren, and Kailyn at the same time?

Javi and Kail
Javi and Kailyn could have hooked up while he was hooking up with other women. Pic credit: MTV

Javi Marroquin is keeping a low profile these days, as he was caught cheating on the woman he was planning on marrying. For years, Kailyn Lowry claimed that he had cheated on her but fans didn’t believe her. But now that Javi essentially admitted to cheating on Lauren in a lengthy Instagram post, fans are starting to question if Lowry was telling the truth all along.

Plus, the timeline of his cheating is also starting to come together. While snippets of information slowly came out, the timeline from last year still has people talking. As fans remember, Lauren and Javi had started dating but they didn’t share the relationship on Teen Mom 2. After getting Lauren pregnant, Javi supposedly traveled to Miami to be supportive of Briana DeJesus, the other Teen Mom 2 star he briefly dated.

Javi was supposedly in Miami to win Briana back and the visit was documented on Teen Mom 2. However, what he didn’t tell people was that Lauren was already pregnant.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Kailyn Lowry was also blindsided about Lauren’s pregnancy when the bombshell was announced. Not only was Lauren pregnant as Javi had tried to win back Briana, but Kailyn was supposedly also sleeping with him at that time. That means that Javi was possibly hooking up with Lauren, Briana, and Kailyn at the same time – and Lauren was pregnant.

While Kailyn has been vocal about Javi cheating on her during their marriage, it seems that it’s only now that he’s been caught that people are starting to believe her.

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As we’ve previously reported, Marroquin was caught cheating on Lauren at their shared house as they had people over. While Lauren had gone to bed, Javi was having fun with one of his CrossFit students and Lauren supposedly caught them naked together. After getting caught, Javi Marroquin deleted his Twitter account. He also posted the long Instagram post where he apologized to Lauren.

At this point, Lauren Comeau hasn’t said what she’s planning on doing with her relationship and their engagement.

Teen Mom 2 premieres Tuesday, September 10 at 8/7c on MTV.

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