Devin Walker explains why The Challenge was difficult for Lolo Jones, how he’d change Skulls format

devin walker during the challenge double agents confessional
The Challenge’s Devin Walker commented on why he thinks Lolo Jones had trouble with the competitive show. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge star Devin Walker quickly became a new favorite for many viewers on the Double Agents season due to some entertaining segments and hilarious commentary.

While viewers watched him instigate several of his castmates during Season 36, he seems to get along with most of the competitors outside of the show. However, there have also been a few castmates he’s seemed not to be quite as close to away from the game.

That may include Olympic athlete Lolo Jones, who competed on the Double Agents season as a rookie, and ultimately left the show early without ever setting foot in an elimination. Devin explained in a recent interview why he felt this particular competition was so difficult for Lolo to be part of.

Devin explains Lolo Jones’ struggles with The Challenge

Devin was asked to give thoughts about his various Double Agents castmates during People’s Reality Check hosted by Daryn Carp. During the interview, rookie Lolo Jones was brought up, and Devin had to say something he liked about her and something he felt was challenging about her.

He mentioned a good thing about Lolo is “she wears her emotions on her sleeve,” making her readable and easier to maneuver around because you knew where she was coming from. However, he said one bad thing about her was her “incredible intensity” and “even delusion” as far as being a good teammate.

“I get it. You’re on a team in bobsled and whatever. I saw the her and Nam situation firsthand. Bad teammate,” Devin said in the interview.

Devin was asked why Lolo had so much trouble on The Challenge despite being a full-time athlete, and he said part of it was her witnessing other competitors who weren’t full-time athletes able to win.

“I’ll tell you exactly what it is. It is difficult, OK, to go to bed every night in a bunk bed as an Olympic athlete while me and Kyle are in the other room hammering beers, staying up till five o’clock in the morning, rolling out of bed, still half asleep, you can’t get a W, and we keep winning. That’s difficult,” Devin explained.

Devin was able to win in two of the daily missions during Double Agents, both of which included solving puzzles. Meanwhile, Lolo and her partner Nam Vo couldn’t win any, despite seeming to be two of the cast’s top athletes. Lolo eventually packed up her things and told castmates she was leaving the show to go focus on training for the Winter Olympics.

“It’s like for someone who’s used to winning, and used to winning by doing it all the right ways to watch someone like me just roll out of bed disheveled, hung over, and pull out a win, that’s hard to swallow,” he added.

Devin revealed how he’d change Skulls format

In another part of his interview, Devin was asked if he’s a fan of the Gold Skulls, as this is the second season of The Challenge to have them. TJ told competitors at the start of Double Agents that they’d need to earn a Gold Skull by winning an elimination. The Skull made that competitor eligible to compete in the final.

“I like the Skull format. I would’ve liked to see the Skull format without secret voting, and I would’ve liked to see the Skull format without knowing what the game is before you have to decide if you want to go down,” he revealed.

“I think we missed out on some big opportunities because Double Agents didn’t know what the game was,” Devin added.

He explained the best elimination, in his opinion, was when Leroy Garrett sent himself down to take on Jay Starrett and defeated him for a Gold Skull in a tough event. Leroy sent himself in soon after Jay had tried to get rid of Leroy’s girl, Kam Williams. 

“You can write that. It’s amazing. I think we would’ve had more of those moments without secret voting and knowing the game when we go into The Crater,” Devin said. 

It’s been mentioned more than a few times that competitors could often see what the elimination was as they were walking towards The Crater site. That helped a few competitors decide to go into elimination, such as Fessy Shafaat seeing a Hall Brawl early in the season.

With rumors of Season 37 casting currently going on, it seems likely that Devin Walker will be among the competitors getting a call. It remains to be seen if the Gold Skull format continues in the future or gets tweaked a bit more to Devin’s liking.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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