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Demi Burnett praises Connor Brennan after unloading ‘childhood trauma’ on him 

Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett and Connor Brennan show each other love online. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 costars Demi Burnett and Connor Brennan recently had a sweet online exchange. 

With so much going on in her life as of late, Demi gushed about how Connor kindly listened to her unleash her trauma. 

Connor also praised Demi for being supportive of his music, and it’s clear the pair have grown quite fond of one another. 

Demi Burnett and Connor Brennan praise each other 

Demi Burnett took to Twitter to share an encouraging message about Connor Brennan. 

Demi’s tweet read, “You know who is so nice? [Connor Brennan]. He called me the other night and was a great listener as I unloaded my childhood trauma. He made me feel heard while not offering me unwarranted advice or pretending he understood. He listened and validated and sometimes that’s all you need.” 

This compliment towards Connor is certainly high praise coming from Demi, considering she’s lately been posting her less-than-impressed responses to men, even declaring her desire for men to ‘shut up.’ 

Connor responded to Demi’s tweet by reflecting on his own fond memory of a time when Demi was supportive of him and his music, which The Bachelorette Season 17 viewers will recall is a major passion of his. 

Connor tweeted, “demi messaged me last week out of the blue to tell me she had listened to my band’s new song and honestly it made my whole day.” 

Demi reacted writing, “I’m sobbing ???” 

Connor Brennan and Demi Burnett's tweets
Pic credit: @sad_oat/Twitter

Connor continued to shower Demi with love commenting, “demi ily call me anytime.” 

Connor Brennan tweet
Pic credit: @sad_oat/Twitter

Demi Burnett and Connor Brennan both left Bachelor in Paradise single 

Both Demi and Connor joined Bachelor in Paradise when the summer spinoff returned for its seventh season. 

BIP Season 7 was Connor’s first time on the show, whereas Demi had previously starred on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, where she got engaged to girlfriend Kristian Haggerty. 

Demi and Connor never pursued one another romantically during the show, but they had some similar experiences and their connection with Maurissa Gunn appeared to bond them. Demi and Maurissa became good friends, while Connor romantically pursued Maurissa.

However, Maurissa quickly moved on from Connor when Riley Christian arrived on the island. Connor left the island single, and Maurissa went on to get engaged to Riley at the end of the season, in a historic moment for the franchise. 

Meanwhile, Demi pursued Kenny Braasch and found herself involved in a tangled love triangle/square with him, Mari Pepin, and Tia Booth. 

Kenny ultimately chose to commit to Mari, and Demi left the island solo, while Kenny proposed to Mari at the end of the season. 

Bachelor in Paradise may not have been a success for Demi or Connor, but the pair still managed to find a meaningful bond with one another. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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