Delilah Hamlin ‘struggling mentally,’ wants Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin to pay for her ‘trauma therapy’

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Delilah Hamlin says she is struggling mentally and wants Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin to pay for her trauma therapy.

This week the daughter of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her actor husband has gone viral with a couple of videos. Both of Delilah’s videos focused on her mental health struggles, something she has been vocal about on social media previously.

In November, Delilah revealed she was hospitalized earlier this year because of an addiction to Xanax. The 23-year-old spilled she overdosed and has been struggling since the incident, especially with depression. Delilah shared she wasn’t feeling very hopeful at the time since the last place she went to didn’t really help with her mental health issues.

Lisa and Harry’s oldest daughter sought treatment for depression and anxiety in 2018.

Delilah Hamlin wants Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin to pay for therapy

In a new TikTok video, Delilah didn’t say a word. She had the song Jingle Bell Rock playing in the background.

The words “Unrealistic things I want for Christmas… for my parents to pay for my trauma therapy” were written across the footage, while Delilah starred into the camera.

Although the video has been deleted, the Instagram account @bravogypsy uploaded the footage and shared it.

Delilah also shared a TikTok video of her joking about her mental health struggles. She mouthed the words, “I’m so sorry that I’ve been acting weird for the past several months. I’m struggling mentally,” then gave a peace sign before ending the video.

What have Lisa and Harry said about Delilah’s post?

There’s no question that Delilah’s TikTok has RHOBH fans buzzing. So far, though, neither Harry nor Lisa have commented on their daughter’s video or what it means.

Last month Lisa immediately addressed Delilah sharing her story about her overdose. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star expressed gratitude for all of those who supported Delilah.

Lisa has been reeling from the death of her mother, Lois Rinna, who passed away on November 15. Like her mom, dad, and sister Amelia Gray Hamlin, Delilah shared a heartfelt tribute to her grandmother via Instagram.

Delilah Hamlin’s latest TikTok features her sharing an unrealistic thing she wants for Christmas. She wants her parents to pay for trauma therapy. It is the latest in Delilah’s mental health journey, which she often discusses on social media.

This year, the holidays will be quite interesting at the Rinna and Hamlin household after Delilah basically put her parents on blast.

What do you think of Delilah’s video?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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