Deavan Clegg responds to Jihoon Lee’s claims, apologizes to 90 Day Fiance fans

Deavan Clegg on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Deavan Clegg heard what Jihoon Lee had to say about her. Pic credit: TLC

The drama between Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee hit an all-time high on Tuesday when he shared a string of messages to tell his side of the biggest current 90 Day Fiance drama.

Jihoon wanted to clear up claims that he and his family were abusive and while he was at it, he took aim at his estranged wife for a host of things that fans of the show have also been questioning.

Now it’s become clear that Deavan saw the multiple messages in Jihoon’s Instagram stories and she has responded.

What did Jihoon say?

When Jihoon took to his Instagram stories with several posts, he had a lot to say about his soon-to-be ex-wife.

For starters, Jihoon claimed that Deavan didn’t flee the country because she or her daughter was abused. Instead, he claims that she called him up at work and told him she would “kill herself” if he didn’t let her take Taeyang home to America.

Jihoon then said that he left work to go deal with her drama and immediately put her on a plane headed back home to Utah. He also said that leaving work to deal with her threat caused him to lose a very well-paying job.

He also took aim at Deavan’s boyfriend, who recently has been acting like he is Taeyang’s dad. Jihoon also revealed that Deavan asked him to be Drascilla’s dad and he tried. However, she wouldn’t let him actually act like a dad and her behavior problems went unchecked, resulting in many calls from the child’s school due to her pulling hair and fighting with classmates.

Jihoon made it very clear that he never said he didn’t want a relationship with his son and that he was doing his best to provide for his family when it was Deavan who took the kids and left him.

Deavan responds to Jihoon’s claims

Despite previously telling 90 Day Fiance fans that Jihoon did something so “vile” that she had to leave, she isn’t trying to give more details now.

Instead, Deavan isn’t speaking out about what Jihoon said at all. She claims that her legal team advised her to remain silent in a new post to her Instagram stories.

In it, she wrote, “As for the claims made yesterday. My lawyer has consulted me to not speak on it publically[sic]. I do apologies [sic].  Once everything is over the truth will come out. As for right now I will continue with court. All I will say is I’m saddened by what was stated and the true one hurting is Drascilla.”

Deavan Clegg Instagram stories
Deavan Clegg’s response after Jihoon Lee aired her out on social media. Pic credit: @deavanclegg/Instagram

Accusing Jihoon of doing something “vile” and then allowing multiple reports to mull over how she may have been abused and how long he could go to prison for it is also pretty sad.

Deavan and Jihoon’s split has become very messy over the last week. Even messier than taking pictures of his son in the arms of another man while they wore matching outfits.

Considering that Deavan and Jihoon have now been uninvited to the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All, it should be interesting to see how TLC depicts these two when the second half of Season 2 returns in less than two weeks — or if their segments end up being removed entirely.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returns on Monday, October 11 at 9/8c on TLC. 

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Michele Butler
Michele Butler
3 years ago

She’s a witch….cut her out of the show!