Darcey and Stacey: Darcey Silva reveals how she felt after meeting Georgi Rusev’s ex-wife

Darcey and Stacey star Darcey Silva has finally met fiance Georgi Rusev's ex-wife
Darcey Silva talks about meeting Georgi Rusev’s ex-wife. Pic credit: TLC

The relationship between Darcey Silva and her fiance Georgi Rusev took an unfortunate turn when the couple appeared in the Season 2 premiere of Darcey and Stacey.

We found out that mere hours after they got engaged, things got heated between them and Georgi stormed, out leaving Darcey by herself.

The argument stemmed from Darcey’s desire to find out more about Georgi’s life. The mom-of-two admits that despite sharing her whole life with her fiance, he hasn’t done the same in return.

But it appears the duo has made some progress in that area because the TLC star recently shared that she has met Georgi’s ex-wife.

Darcey Silva talks meeting Georgi Rusev’s ex-wife

Darcey & Stacey viewers will witness the moment when Darcey comes face to face with Georgi’s ex-wife and she spoke more about the moment with Hollywood Life. In the latest episode, Darcey discussed the idea of accompanying Georgi to his old apartment to move his things and meet his friends, but she got more than she got even more out of the trip.

“We went there to support him and see a little bit of his world. We just wanted to know Georgi on a deeper level. He was very guarded. I thought he’d be eager to open up his turf,” revealed Darcey.

She continued, “That evening, he just wasn’t really having it once again… I just felt like he was not going to answer our questions at any time in the near future either, so I thought the next person to go to was his ex who was around that area.”

Darcey Silva felt empowered after meeting Georgi’s ex-wife

Georgi Rusev had no intention of introducing Darcey to his ex-wife, so the Darcey & Stacey star took matters into her own hands.

The 46-year-old told the media outlet that she was the one that reached out and made the meeting possible when they ventured into Georgi’s neck of the woods.

“I reached out and she agreed to meet pretty fairly quickly. It wasn’t to gang up on him or her. I just figured we’re engaged to be married. He was married to her. I just want to know a little bit of their structure and how he was as a husband and stepdad,” shared Darcey.

Darcey also explained why it was so important for her to finally meet Georgi’s ex-wife before they tied the knot.

“Walking down the aisle is a big deal, I just want to make sure that I really understood him,” remarked the TLC star. “It wasn’t a bad thing. It was actually very empowering for me. It wasn’t like her way of the highway or his way or the highway. It was just kind of have confirmations for myself.”

Darcey & Stacey airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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